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Featured Speakers 

The Innovation Discipline: The Inside Out
Andy Stefanovich - Chief Curator and Provocateur, Prophet, Richmond, VA 

Andy StefanovichWith over 20 years of experience transforming companies and armed with a reputation as one of the most disruptive and effective advisors to business today, Andy Stefanovich believes we must reorient our focus toward creativity and innovation in order to be viable in today's environment. Andy Stefanovich is a dynamic and charismatic leader with a bold vision to change the way organizations do business and make the world a better and more creative place.

Andy currently acts as visiting professor at many leading universities, including Dartmouth, University of Michigan, Duke, University of Richmond, and the Wharton School of Leadership. As a professor, Andy remains continually encouraged by the wealth of talent that will soon shape the world. He is honored to be a part of that shaping. 

In his opening keynote address "The Innovation Discipline," Stefanovich shares insights into his proven LAMSTAIH approach (Look At More Stuff, Think About It Harder) as well as the 5 Ms (Mood, Mindset, Mechanisms, Measurement, Momentum) providing detailed instructions, plus dozens of stories that illustrate what innovation looks like in action. Using anecdotes from his work with clients like GE, Disney, Coca-Cola, the U.S. Olympic Committee, and Ritz Carlton, Andy illustrates the discipline of innovation - how organizations go beyond a quick burst of excitement to sustain innovation - organizationally, culturally, and personally, changing the organization from the inside out. 

"I'll show you how to become a curator of inspiration and drive innovation for yourself and your business,"
-writes Andy Stefanovich in his book Look at More

"Andy Stefanovich is a masterful storyteller and a true 'curator of inspiration.' Look at More
gives you a dose of Andy's adrenaline and creative can-do spirit, and it provides you
with a powerful how-to guide for inspiring workplace innovation that lasts."
-Beth Comstock, Chief Marketing Officer, GE

".... Andy doesn't think outside the box. He blows it up and starts again..."
-Duncan Wardle, Vice President, Creative Inc, Disney Co.

Creating Cultures of Generosity in Our Nonprofits
Barbara Bonner - Author and Consultant, Housatonic, MA 

Barbara BonnerHistorically, philanthropy created many of our country's libraries, symphony orchestras, museums, hospitals, libraries and institutions of higher learning, scientific research and social service. Today, although nonprofit organizations are supported by donor contributions, nonprofit leaders struggle to nurture the spirit of generosity that was central to our philanthropic heritage; generosity that goes beyond giving to sustaining and nurturing vibrant, flourishing institu-tions. From how we set up systems in our development offices to how we talk about donors, conduct research and design fundraising strategies, Barbara will help us understand how the power of generosity can guide and inspire our work in revolutionary ways.

A private consultant to nonprofits in the areas of fundraising, management and board strengthening, Barbara has spent over 30 years managing and leading the fund-raising efforts of cultural institutions in New York City, the Berkshires, and nationally. She has served on many boards, including four major organizations at pivotal moments in their organizational lives, playing a leadership role in their fundraising. Barbara's forthcoming book Inspiring Generosity will be published by Wisdom Publications in December 2013. 

Organizational Development Inspired by Nature:  How Can Living Systems Inform New Approaches to Organizational Leadership and Collaboration
Toby Lynn Herzlich, Founder, Biomimicry for Social Innovation Santa Fe, NM 

Toby Lynn HerzlichOrganizational leaders are recognizing the imperative of our time - to be more adaptable, resilient, cooperative, networked. These challenges reflect the sustainability practices that life on earth has mastered over 3.8 billion years. What might we learn from insect colonies about working together collaboratively? What can a forest ecosystem teach us about working across difference to create mutual benefit? How might we think differently about organizational planning when we see that nature thrives through interdependent networks and self-organization? Society is evolving from the "Industrial Age" to the "Age of Biology," and it's time to tune our antennae toward success strategies from the natural world. Toby will share a set of Life's Principles that can guide organizational leaders in innovating toward resilient organizations that grow a regenerative society. She will introduce us to natural mentors who will amaze and inspire us, and humbly ask us to think in new ways about how we live and lead.

Toby is the founder of Biomimicry for Social Innovation. As a Certified Biomimicry Specialist through Biomimicry 3.8, her focus is on applying nature's genius to leadership, social change, and organizational innovation. Toby is a senior trainer with the Rockwood Leadership Institute and co-founder of the Cultivating Women's Leadership training intensives. Her 20+ years of organizational consulting includes clients such as the Sierra Club, Southwest Organizing Project, the Ford Foundation, and the Navajo Nation. She has launched several national collaborative movement-building networks, such as the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable and the Young Climate Leaders Network. Toby trains and coaches progressive leaders in the US and internationally, cultivating skills and practices through which we can collectively create the world we know is possible. 

Threats, Opportunities, and Pragmatic Realities: A Call to Action
Rick Cohen, National Correspondent, Nonprofit Quarterly, Washington DC 

Rick CohenThe nonprofit sector is challenged on all sides, but sometimes our laser focus on the charitable deduction leads to inadequate attention and responses to other challenges. From his position monitoring nonprofit trends at the Nonprofit Quarterly, Rick Cohen outlines what he sees as the layers of issues that add up to a difficult future for the nonprofit sector. The answers have to be better than an across-the-board "heck, no" or an acquiescent "we give up, we have no choice". Smart political positioning will require nuanced nonprofit leadership and public policy advocacy. Rick will lay out not only the challenges, but a call to action for the nonprofit sector going forward, whether in state capitals or in the Washington DC Beltway. 

Rick Cohen currently serves as Nonprofit Quarterly's national correspondent, a role he accepted in 2006. Rick has authored or co-authored three books and numerous articles and op-eds for professional journals and newspapers, testified at Congressional committees and roundtables, and appeared on radio and television including the CBS Evening News, the ABC Evening News, the British Broadcasting Company, Fox News, CNN's American Morning, the Public Broadcasting System, National Public Radio and others. In addition to Rick's regular columns in Nonprofit Quarterly magazine, the NPQ Newswire, and NPQ's Cohen Report, he has also written investigative pieces for the Blue Avocado and published op-eds in national newspapers. Annually from 2002 to 2006, Rick was named to the NPT Power & Influence Top 50 list by The NonProfit Times.