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MNA News and Information about the 2017 Federal Tax Reform.

A Week of Reform

November 13, 2017
Over the next several days, we expect news from Washington -- concerning federal tax reform; and from Montana -- surrounding the special session. Both issues will have wide and varying impacts on Montana's nonprofits. As the voice for our sector, and your resource for public policy information, MNA aims to provide your organization with necessary and relevant information.

The Window for Comments is Closing

November 7, 2017
Some of the proposed tax changes in the just-introduced House tax reform bill are bad for nonprofits. Very bad. And there's very little time to do something about it. Call Rep. Gianforte now and tell him not to undermine the work of charitable nonprofits through tax reform...



Federal and State Policy Updates

November 3, 2017
Yesterday, House Republicans unveiled their Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R.1), tax reform legislation. THe 429-page bill carries many implications for nonprofits and private foundations. MNA is concerned about teo provisions in particular. First, the partial repeal of the Johnson Amendment erodes nonprofit nonpartisanship. Second, the standard deduction is doubled, which almost decimates charitable giving incentives for all but 5% of taxpayers...



Day of Action: Take 3 Minutes Today to Tell Congress Not to Make Nonprofits Political Tools

October 30, 2017
The Johnson Amendment is a national law that protects nonprofits by ensuring that we cannot and do not endorse candidates for office. If the Johnson Amendment were repealed or drastically amended, we would be vulnerable to pressures to get involved in candidate elections...