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Elections & Voter Engagement

Can Montana nonprofits engage in election and voter engagement activities?
Absolutely. Nonprofits have the constitutional right and responsibility to engage in the electoral and policy-making processes. Though federal regulations require that nonprofits remain strictly nonpartisan (neither supporting nor opposing candidates for elected office), there is still so much that can and should be done including candidate forums, voter education guides, voter registration, and get-out-the-vote drives. Each of these activities is legally permissible if conducted in a strictly non-partisan manner. You will find excellent resources below to help get you started.

    Secretary of State voter registration page

Nonprofit Election and Voter Engagement Resources 

MNA's Future Election and Voter Engagement Activities
During election years, MNA routinely provides a forum for all candidates for Governor and Attorney General to speak at the annual MNA conference. Additionally, MNA promotes and supports legally permissible, nonpartisan engagement by nonprofits in local elections. For Montana's charitable nonprofits to have a seat at the policy table, we must work together to raise the visibility and voice of the nonprofit sector through our relationships and activities with policymakers and candidates at all levels.

MNA's aim is to ensure that every candidate seeking office in Montana or nationally on behalf of Montanans anticipates and responds to these fundamental questions.

  1. What is your personal and professional experiences with nonprofit organizations.
  2. What are three specific ways in which, if elected, you would partner with and strengthen the nonprofit sector to achieve the goals of your campaign.

Every candidate - local, state, and national. Working together, we will build strong partnerships with our policy makers and mobilize our nonprofit leaders and constituents for a vibrant nonprofit sector.

For more information regarding MNA's election and voter engagement activities, 
please contact Executive Director Liz Moore by email or call (406) 449-3717.