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About the MNA-Group Benefits Trust


The MNA Group Benefits Trust (GBT) is a 501(c)(9) and is governed by a board of Trustees comprised of nonprofit managers whose Employers are both participants in the health plan and whose organizations are nonprofit members of the separate 501(c)(3) entity, the Montana Nonprofit Association.  The GBT was founded on July 1, 2007 and as stated in Section 2.1 of the Trust, "The sole purpose of the Trust is to fund the cost of health care and other employee benefits for the employees of the Employers and their eligible dependents." 


The MNA Group Benefits Trust believes that combining the buying power of many participating employer groups into a single entity that negotiates benefits for the entire pool of participating employers allows the otherwise unrelated members of MNA to work together for the benefit of all groups irrespective of size.  By banding together and using the strength of many, better coverages and premium stability from year to year should be within reach of more organizations.


The MNA Group Benefits Trust is what is known as a “welfare plan”, providing group health insurance and other benefits to participating employers and their employees, and is funded by employer and employee contributions.  This Trust is tax-exempt under the IRS rules applicable to a voluntary employees' beneficiary association (VEBA) found in IRC 501(c)(9).  The MNA Trust is governed by a board comprised of five (5) trustees.  Each trustee has a fiduciary responsibility to act prudently, and in the best interest of the Plan participants and beneficiaries.      

The Trust is required to hold at least two meetings per year, but may hold more.  Each trustee is expected to make every effort to not merely attend, but to participate actively in each meeting.  As a representative of the plan participants, it is important that trustees ask questions, read material sent between meetings, and take their responsibilities seriously. 

Nominating Candidates
To be considered for election to the Board of Trustees of the MNA-GBT, please submit your name and the names of those nominating you on the form below.  According to Section 3.3(a) (See below) of the Trust document, at least 10% of the currently participating employers must be named as sponsors of the candidate.  Nominating organizations  must be current members in good standing of MNA and participants in the MNA-GBT health plan in good standing.

A list of the current Trustees can be obtained by contacting Liz Moore, Executive Director of the Montana Nonprofit Association.