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Recruiting volunteers and want your opportunity to reach the largest number of people? Use one of the following options to post your opportunity on one of the 16 sites aggregated  into Build Montana - the largest statewide online volunteer search. Then, share the Build Montana Volunteer Search with your network to get people looking.

option 1: Post at your local volunteer center

Are you part of  local Volunteer Center in your community? Then we recommend you post on your Volunteer Center site.  Many local Volunteer Centers in Montana have online services for you to post opportunities. In most cases, these Volunteer Centers are part of the Build Montana network, so opportunities you post there will be available on Build Montana the next day. Montana Volunteer Centers recognized by Build Montana include:

option 2: post on a build montana partner site

If you do not have access to a local Volunteer Center, you can post on one of Build Montana's 16 partner sites listed below.  All volunteer opportunities that are posted on one of these sites will automatically repost on Build Montana the following day.

If you are unsure which partner site to use, we recommend Volunteer Match because it is easy to set up an account and get your opportunity posted quickly.

Need help getting started? Then watch the Volunteer Match video here or others offered on YouTube.

Build Montana Search Sites

Build Montana provides robust search capabilities for volunteer opportunities throughout Montana, aggregating over 16 national search engines into one search for you. If you post an opportunity on one of these sites, your posting will appear on Build Montana the next morning. 

If you have a volunteer search site that is used regularly to post opportunities for organizations in Montana, and you don't see it listed here but would like to include it in BuildMontana searches, please contact us at the Montana Nonprofit Association.