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Staples Advantage Inventory Supplies

MNA Member Benefit
Through MNA's Staples Business Advantage (SBA) premier membership, all MNA members can enjoy the benefits of premier membership at no cost:

 Save on:  

  • Office Products
  • Facilities solutions
  • Technology solutions
  • Furniture
  • Print
  • Promotional
  • Break Room
  • Save money – up to 80% off manufacturers’ suggested list price
  • Save more money by using free 2 day delivery anywhere in Montana
  • Increase productivity by reducing trips to the store
  • Reduce risk exposure by reducing employee-owned vehicle use

Program Description
Montana’s nonprofits are as geographically dispersed as they are mission diverse. This fact alone often equates to a long trip to the office supply store using an employee-owned vehicle.  The Montana Nonprofit Association is pleased to present this office supply program exclusively for MNA members. This program provides discounts on thousands of brand name supplies and an easy to use web interface to place your order.  Ordering less frequently and consolidating many small orders into fewer larger ones enables you to avoid high administrative costs associated with each transaction. Accounts are billed weekly on a net 30 basis. 

Getting Started - Questions? 

To participate in the Staples Business Advantage program, sign up here.

For general information about any of MNA's business programs, contact us via email at [email protected] or call (406) 449-3717.