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Listed below is an archive of our Public Policy Update e-newsletter and notice of action alerts for nonprofits to contact legislators and others to weigh in on policy issues important to the nonprofit sector. If you would like to receive an email notice of these and other MNA communications, please subscribe here .

Policy News, Updates & Alerts Archive

November 13, A Week of Reform

Federal Tax Reform Week | Montana Special Session November 13, 2017 MNA Members and friends, Over the next several days, we expect news from Washington concerning federal tax reform and from Montana surrounding the special session. Both issues will have

November 3, 2017 Statement on Montana's Budget
The Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA), on behalf of our 600 charitable nonprofit member organizations, is uniquely positioned to understand the impact of budget decisions on the people of Montana and the communities, large and small, served by our state’s nonprofits. As the leading voice for Montana’s charitable nonprofit sector, MNA urges a balanced approach to the current state budget deficit, an approach that considers all available options, including both revenue and expenditures.
June 23, 2017 Policy Update from D.C.

 by Liz Moore, MNA Executive Director 

I’ve spent the week in Washington D.C. I was here for the National Council of Nonprofits board meeting, the state association “learning confab” and time with our congressional delegation and many colleagues from across the nation. It was a great week to be here - lots going on. 

May 4, 2017 Executive Order

What to Make of Yesterday's Executive Order  Although the language in President Trump's Executive Order promoting free speech and religious liberty is confusing, we know with certainty the EO loosened the constraints currently in place prohibiting nonprofit political activity. Although

April 13, 2017 Equal Pay Testimony

April 13, 2017 Equal Pay Testimony To       House Business and Labor CommitteeFrom Liz Moore, Executive Director, Montana Nonprofit AssociationRe       HR 4 Resolution to recognize equal pay day  April 11, 2017  Greetings Chairperson Anderson and members of the Committee,

April 6, 2017 Johnson Amendment Congressional Letter

April 6, 2017 Johnson Amendment Congressional Letter   130 Montana Nonprofits joined the National movement to protect the Johnson Amendment and nonprofit nonpartisanship. Thank you. Nearly 4,500 organizations nationwide signed the letter to congress, making this one of the most

March 28, 2017 Urgent - Call to Action

Dear MNA Members and Friends,I write to ask you to take action today to protect nonprofit nonpartisanship. Time is of the essence . We've heard that proposals to repeal the amendment will become part of comprehensive tax reform. If that

February 24, 2017 MNA Johnson Amendment Statement

 February 24, 2017 MNA Johnson Amendment Statement The Montana Nonprofit Association takes a stand for nonprofit integrity, and opposes attempts to politicize charitable nonprofits and foundations. The Montana Nonprofit Association believes nonpartisanship is essential to the integrity of charitable nonprofits.

February 23, 2017 Public Policy Update

February 23, 2017 Public Policy Update Join nonprofit leaders to defend nonpartisanship in the nonprofit sector.                TAKE ACTION   Urge Montana's Congressional Delegation to protect nonprofit nonpartisanship by voting no on the repeal of the Johnson Amendment .   

May 18 2016 Public Policy Update: Much Awaited Department of Labor Overtime Regulations are Released
The U.S. Labor Department announced overtime final regulations today that, when they go into effect on December 1, 2016, will mean most employees earning less than $47,500 per year will be entitled to overtime compensation, regardless of whether they are currently classified as executive, administrative, or professional (white-collar) workers.

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