Montana Nonprofit Association

promoting a strong nonprofit sector in MONTANA

Public Policy Overview

MNA seeks to build the capacity of the nonprofit sector in Montana to monitor and take action on public policy issues which affect the sector as a whole. MNA's Public Policy Council directs the association's work and is guided by a Public Policy Agenda developed in consultation with our membership. The goals for our public policy program are:

  • To create a voice for MNA members on public policy issues.
  • To educate nonprofit organizations and legislators regarding the public policy issues which affect the nonprofit sector as a whole, their rights and responsibilities as advocates, and the skills needed to engage effectively in advocacy.
  • To build a representative body of nonprofit organizations in which diverse points of view are represented and engaged in public policy debates on issues that affect the sector as a whole.
  • To enable the MNA membership to weigh in on significant national policy issues through federal lobbying and participation with the policy activities of the National Council of Nonprofit Associations (NCNA).

MNA Criteria for Action 

Get all the latest news regarding Montana's legislative session, congressional activity, and public policy developments at Policy Updates & Alerts.


For more information or questions regarding MNA's Public Policy Program,
please contact Executive Director Liz Moore by email or call 406-449-3717.