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Every two years, the Montana Nonprofit Association undertakes a study of the economic impact of Montana's charitable nonprofit sector. In 2014, Montana contracted with Solution Montana, Inc., for an analysis of the economic footprint of Montana's nonprofit industry, focusing on 501(c)(3)s, or charitable nonprofits. A snapshot of the information is available here. A special thank you to the United Way of the Lewis and Clark Area for generously sponsoring the report.

2015 Report highlights include:

  • In 2013, of 6,973 charitable nonprofits in the state, 2,140 nonprofit businesses paid wages. A total of 46,794 employees were paid just over $1.7 billion in wages, representing 10.4% of all workers in the state, and 10.7% of all wages. (Montana Department of Labor, 2013)
  • Two thirds of Montana's charities are run by volunteers - including volunteer boards made up of committed community leaders. Volunteers clocked almost 33 million hours of service in 2013, the equivalent of almost 16,000 full-time jobs, and 16th highest in the nation. (Volunteering in America)

REPORT Downloads:

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