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MNA Conference - Nonprofit Impact

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Nonprofit Impact: So what's your "so what?"

 by Liz Moore, Executive Director, MNA  

I am extremely pleased to announce MNA’s 2012 Conference this September 19-21 focusing on Nonprofit Impact. As nonprofits today, we must focus on more than how many people we serve, how many events we sponsor, or how many "friends" we have.  Increasingly, donors, policymakers, volunteers, and other stakeholders are asking: “So what? How does your work impact our community, our lives, our future?”  No doubt your work is making an impact, but do you know how to identify it, plan for it, measure it, and demonstrate it to stakeholders?
For nonprofit organizations, impact is a word that elicits rich, lively conversation – going right to the heart of organizational purpose. The concept of impact has increasingly taken hold in the nonprofit lexicon as we are asked to become more and more adept at articulating and measuring effectiveness. In short, making an impact has always been important. Today identifying, evaluating and communicating that impact are essential components of nonprofit sustainability.
The optimistic desire to make a difference is part of our nonprofit DNA. We are mission-oriented; we come to our work with a particular idea of the unique contribution we want to make. At MNA we literally have front row seats that allow us to see so much good unfolding in Montana because of the work of nonprofits. We also recognize the increasing emphasis being placed on strengthening nonprofit impact. At September’s conference, these two vantage points will come together as we present opportunities to learn how to imagine, achieve, and share our impact.

I hope you will join us as we bring this topic to life – using a generous brush to color every aspect of the conference with vibrant, dynamic conversation on nonprofit impact. So what’s your “so what?”