2022 All Access Passes Available

January 3, 2022 / Comments Off on 2022 All Access Passes Available

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer professional growth for your entire team, for a set cost? Well… you absolutely can! Introducing MNA’s All Access Pass — training and education for your whole organization so that you: 

  • Save costs on training; 
  • Give more members of your team more training opportunities, and: 
  • Increase the amount of training for your entire team.


Yes! MNA Members can purchase the 2022 Pass, pay one flat fee of just $500, and gain: 

  • FREE Access to ALL Virtual MNA Trainings ALL Year
  • 20% off MNA’s Annual Conference 
  • 20% off In-Person Trainings 
  • Priority Selection for MNA’s Accelerator and Catalyst Cohorts 

For the full year. For your entire team. 

When was the last time you paid just $500 to train your entire team for an entire year? EVERYONE at your organization – including your board members and interns – can sign up for any virtual MNA hosted training at no cost, PLUS receive discounts on our in-person events and the 2022 Conference, with the Pass.  

Our 2021 Pilot Participants Dug the Pass

“We loved having the pass!”


15 organizations participated in the Pilot of our All Access Pass and they ALL saved on training costs and provided more members of their team with more professional growth than in previous years. Each organization saved an average of $675 on their yearly training costs! In total, they sent their teams to 91 trainings. The All Access Pass proved to lower financial barriers to offering professional development while also lessening the burden of choice when it comes to team training.   

“This worked out well for us and took away the psychological barrier of always having to make a decision about what we could afford. Really help promote training throughout our organization.”


At $500 this is a no brainer if you plan on prioritizing professional and organizational learning and growth in 2022. And, have we got a lot to offer in 2022!

Sneak Peek at our Calendar: 

How to Register For and Use the All-Access Pass: 

Have your staff and board list ready, then register your team for the pass. We’ll need name, title, and email for your whole crew. Once you purchase the pass, you’ll receive a code to share with your team. They’ll then use it to register, at no cost, for any Pass eligible trainings*, and/or receive discounts on other offerings including MNA’s Annual Conference and in-person events.  

If you need to add team members throughout the year, you’ll be able to update the list at any time. 

Ready to sign up?

Not yet a member? Join Today! 

* Partner-hosted events, such as Quickbooks Made Easy or Train the Trainer with Washington Nonprofits, is not included in the AAP.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I add team members to our All Access Pass? 

A. You can add them here at any time. If you need to remove someone from the pass, please email [email protected]. 

Q: Are board members included in the All Access Pass? 

A: Yes! Your staff, board members, and other volunteers can be included in your All Access Pass. You do need to add them to your AAP List – You can add them here at any time. 

Q: What trainings are my All Access Pass eligible for? 

A: Trainings hosted by MNA and marked with AAP eligible are all eligible for the full or partial AAP discount. Trainings hosted by our partner organizations are not eligible, and this will be noted on the registration page.  

Q: Do I need to register as a team or can I register myself individually? 

A: While we recommend connecting with your team to register together (so that you can learn together too) it is fine to register just yourself!