RFP: Conference Breakout Session Proposals

May 17, 2022 / Comments (0)

Conference RFP

Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA) invites your proposal for our 2022 Annual Conference. This year’s conference will kick off online, to be followed by an in person experience the following week in Helena, MT. Nonprofit executives, staff, and board members will once more be welcomed at the flat Whole Organization rate to participate in the virtual event and can also send delegates to the in-person event for an additional cost for deeper learning and connection.

Conference Theme | Gather

Complementing our return to an in-person event and honoring all the ways in which we can come together, Gather speaks to all the ways in which we join forces for the common good. As we GATHER in 2022, we invite our members to radically reconsider how and when we come together. In the rush to move forward and return to normal, it is important to pause and take stock, and give ourselves the grace to gather ourselves, our purpose, and come together intentionally, in ways both big and small.

This year’s conference is a reminder that presence is power – are we present when we participate? Are we conscious of who is invited to the gathering and who is not represented? Are we joining together for a shared purpose, and elevating new voices, or are we rushing to reconvene, falling back into norms that are comfortable, yet do not move us closer together, or forward? Do we gather in ways that enable full participation or do we set up barriers to access, engagement, or understanding? Do we truly gather, or do we simply meet? On a personal level, what space do we give ourselves to gather our thoughts, feelings, and perspectives? We will invite our audience to explore these questions alongside nonprofit management best practices throughout the conference.

We are looking for presenters that deliver exciting, engaging, and content rich sessions built on principles of nonprofit best practices and effective instruction. With a whole org audience, we are seeking sessions that provide value and learning for entry level staff members, experienced EDs (Executive Director), and board members. Sessions that explore timely topics and/or dimensions of equity and diversity within their topic area are preferred. We are also interested in 201+ level sessions that can provide a deeper level of learning for attendees. Presentations may be general enough for a large audience or developed for a specific job function or level of experience.

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