2023 All Access Passes Available

January 10, 2023 / Comments Off on 2023 All Access Passes Available

MNA News

MNA is excited to announce the return of our popular All Access Pass program for 2023. We piloted this program with 15 organizations in 2021 and debuted it in 2022 with over 75 organizations signing up.

With an All Access Pass purchase for $300 (virtual trainings) or $500 (trainings + conference), your entire organization (board! staff! interns! you!) gets free access to MNA’s suite of virtual trainings. We love this model because it decreases decision making and increases equity in professional development. We know our members have limited budgets when it comes to professional development, and that often means that organizations have to make decisions about training priorities – creating a possible source of inequity.

Every year, we learn more about what works for organizations and individuals interested in expanding their knowledge and deepening their skills. One of our fundamental beliefs is that teams learn better together, and over the past two years we have been able to explore what this means in practice, through our Whole Organization registration rates. The All Access Pass takes this a step further by equalizing access to all of our trainings, for your entire organization.

Learn more about the pass and sign up here: