2023 Montana Legislature: Week Two

January 14, 2023 / Comments Off on 2023 Montana Legislature: Week Two

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Welcome to the weekly MNA Legislative update. We’ll use this to keep you informed on policy issues we are following throughout the Session.  MNA watches bills related to the nonprofit sector generally including Appropriations, Taxation, Charitable Giving, Workforce, Voting/Elections/Ballot Initiatives, Campaign Finance, and Lobbying. We also monitor larger issues such as housing, childcare, and others where MNA may play an appropriate amplifying role.

Bill Watch

Hunter & Angler Community Fund

MNA will support LC1469 if the sponsor moves the bill forward. This would establish a Hunter and Angler Community Fund as a way for hunters and anglers to give back to rural communities via a check box on the hunting license. The fund would be administered by Fish, Wildlife and Parks. This concept made it through committee last session but ultimately did not pass on the floor. Please let us know if you have any concerns or suggested edits. 

HB2 Part B Health and Human Services

HB2 is the monster budget bill which must be passed each session. Part B relates to the Health and Human Services portion of the budget. Today public comment was given on the Medicaid Provider Rate study completed at the request of legislators last session. MNA rose in support of reimbursing Medicaid providers at the rates suggested in the recent  rate study. We offered supporting data pulled from our November, 2022 workforce survey. Thank you to the 137 organizations that participated in that survey, allowing us to come before legislators confidently on your behalf. 

Revise Property Taxation of Nonprofit Organizations

The draft of LC2300 was returned to the bill requester, Representative Essman (R) this week. We think the bill could move forward sooner than later, so we’ve moved it up on our watch list. As soon as we have language we’ll pass it along.

Not-yet-introduced bills we’re monitoring

MNA is watching these un-introduced bills and will update you when/if language is available: 

LC1670 Scot Kerns Revise community benefit laws for NP hospitals
LC1820 Daniel Zolnikov Revise NP hospitals tax-exempt status laws
LC1821 Daniel Zolnikov Revise NP hospital community benefit spending laws
LC4171 Jeremy Trebas Revoke NP hospital property tax exemption
LC1381 Ross H Fitzgerald Generally revise land ownership tax breaks for certain NPs
LC1873 Amy Regier Revise laws related to NP organizations
LC1875 Amy Regier Revise laws related to NP organizations
LC3361 Matt Regier Revise laws for NP organizations
LC4024 Bill Mercer Generally revise laws pertaining to NP organizations
LC3187 Steve Gist Generally revise laws regarding NP governmental agencies
LC2214 Daniel Emrich Establish the NP and Charitable Organization Freedom Act
LC3382 Jeffrey W Welborn Revise gaming laws for NP and member organizations
LC4036 Ron Marshall Revise NP eligibility status laws
LC0337 Greg Hertz Generally revise laws related to conversion from NP to for profit
LC3270 Matt Regier Revise laws related to charitable trusts

Other Policy News

Red Tape Commission

MNA met with Lieutenant Governor Kristin Juras last week to talk through the Red Tape Commission. A reminder: if there are regulations that are unnecessarily cumbersome or innovations someone should consider related to streamlining government processes, please reach out to the Lieutenant Governor. She is interested in your thoughts and it’s not too late to submit proposals here.

Weekly Policy Call

Join Executive Director Liz Moore each Thursday, 12:30-1:00 p.m. throughout the Session for a Legislative Update.Register here.

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