AAP Mid Year Check In

June 30, 2022 / Comments Off on AAP Mid Year Check In


After a trial run in 2021, this year MNA launched our All Access Pass Program, with the goal of increasing access to our programming for more nonprofit staff, board members, and leaders. This flat-fee pass allows MNA Member Organizations to receive free access to our MNA hosted online trainings and provides discounts for in person events, for their ENTIRE organization.

Why does this matter?

We know when it comes to allocating professional development dollars, organizations have a hard choice. Attend this conference or that? Send one staff member or two? 

Because we believe ALL staff and board deserve training, and we know that better outcomes are possible when teams learn together, the All Access Pass was designed to make the decision to attend trainings easy, so you can share the access.

This supports our goal of creating a networked and influential sector, by investing in the skillsets and capacity of all nonprofit staff and leaders serving Montana. 

So, how is it working so far?

This information is based on input gathered from organizations who purchased the pass as well as our event registration records. This year, 88 organizations purchased the pass, sharing access with 978 unique individuals – employees, board members, and staff at their organizations. The pass has been applied 307 times, with an average of 2 uses per organization. We know the decision has been made easier to attend trainings AND that organizations are sending more folks than they might otherwise, but we hope we can build up these numbers even more in the latter half of 2022 and into another iteration of the program in 2023. 

By the Numbers


Participating Organizations


Unique Nonprofit Professionals


Event Registrations (including Individual and Whole Org)

Of those organizations who purchased the pass and completed our entry survey (56 out of 88), the majority had between 1-15 staff members, signifying a sweet spot for providing training at the right cost. (see chart). Organizations were most keen on seeking training for board members, leadership teams, and new managers and directors. The topics of equity and inclusion, fund development, board governance, and communications were some of the highest priority areas for training. 

Participating Organization Sizes

In the spring, we provided workshops to AAP members in:

  • Board Governance and Fund Development
  • Financial Leadership
  • Advocacy
  • Recruiting and Retaining Staff
  • Excel Basics

This fall we will provide additional workshops in these areas as well as launch our manager training. We are working to identify and offer trainings and resources in communications and equity and inclusion, while also working to highlight equity throughout all topics and content.  

We are hopeful this model continues to be a benefit for our members, who surpassed our expectations of a modest start to the program. We are continuing to improve this program, and are expanding our offerings to better meet the needs of all who serve, from front line staff to seasoned executives. Next year we hope to close some gaps in our offerings by offering new curriculums in Equity and Communications. We also hope to make it easier to share opportunities and register for trainings.

As always, we welcome your feedback, suggestions, and engagement as we work to support a community of learners from Ennis to Glendive!

Interested in the 2023 Pass?

If your organization is interested in participating in the All Access Pass program in 2023, learn more and purchase here.

All Access Pass