Announcing Montana Nonprofit Wage & Benefit Survey

February 4, 2020 / Comments Off on Announcing Montana Nonprofit Wage & Benefit Survey

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The 2020 Montana Nonprofit Compensation Survey is here!

Montana Nonprofit Association has partnered with Association TRENDS to conduct a large-scale nonprofit compensation survey for Montana nonprofits. Participation is FREE and members of MNA are eligible to receive a free copy of the report if they participate in the survey.

The survey is LIVE and will close April 1st, 2020. Members who do not participate in the survey can purchase a copy of the report at a discounted price. REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SURVEY.

Why participate?

  • It’s fast, easy, and FREE.
  • Clear job descriptions make matching your positions simple and straightforward.
  • The survey is specific to nonprofits. You can compare your organization’s staff salary levels to those of similar organizations.
  • The more participants we have, the better the data will be. High participation produces robust results, benefiting both nonprofits and those seeking to work in the nonprofit sector in Montana.
  • The results will help you and your organization set fair and competitive compensation.

What will the final report include?

  • Hard data to use to analyze your nonprofits’ salary structure
  • Specific market salary information for over 100 positions.
  • Changes in nonprofit pay levels from one year to the next
  • Salary differences by non-profit type, budget, and staff size
  • All-new enhanced benefits section.

Who fills out the survey? Primarily HR or finance executives at associations and nonprofits, but if you don’t have a dedicated HR or finance staff person, your executive director would be the most appropriate person to complete the survey.

Is it difficult? No. The user interface is designed for easy input of compensation information. A support team will be available for troubleshooting.

Is it secure? Absolutely. The user interface is encrypted, and password protected.

What if I filled this out last year? If you participated since 2014, the survey will “remember” your responses from the last time, which will make filling the survey out much easier!

Is there a cost? It is 100% free to fill out the survey, and as a member of your State Association you will receive a free copy of the report.

When will the report be available and how much will it cost? The report will be available in May 2020. The full report is free for any participating members, $75 for members who did not participate, $75 for non-members who participated, and $150 for non-members who did not participate.

To participate in this year’s survey, simply REGISTERChoose “2020 Survey Participation” in the right-hand column on the page and click “Register”. If you have an account with Association TRENDS, submit your email and your information will auto populate. If you do not, you will be prompted to create a login. Upon login or registration, you will automatically be taken to the survey start page. Feel free to complete your survey right away or save and come back later!

Feel free to contact Leandra at [email protected] with any questions.