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September 28-30 at the Holiday Inn Downtown at the Park—Missoula


The 2009 Annual MNA Conference nonprofit connections—making them and using them to benefit the missions of nonprofits across Montana and the country.


The 2009 Conference focused on building strategic networks and connecting with business, government, foundations, peers, and others to improve nonprofit access to resources, increase their influence, broaden their reach, and deepen their impact.

Conference Events

Panel: Comprised of state and regional funders who shared their experiences with, and expectations for, nonprofit collaboration, including how funders view and define collaboration among nonprofits, how funders support collaborative projects, and how funders define their expectations of nonprofits for collaboration.

New Track: MTc3: Looking Ahead - Nonprofit leaders came together for discussions about Montana's changing economy, population and demographics, the 2010 census, the state of foundation funding, and a national political movement designed to strengthen our sector.

Pre-conference opportunities: Featured 4 pre-conference workshops 6 conference tracks, and 24 sessions.

Exhibitor Fair and Book Fair: Featured books from popular nonprofit authors and resources including speaker and staff favorites.

Reception: Held for all attendees at the Missoula Art Museum, sponsored by the Montana Funders Group.

Consultant's Corner: One-on-one meetings with experienced consultants and nonprofit expert practitioners

Keynote Address: The keynote address at the 2009 MNA conference was given by Heather McLeod Grant, co-author of Forces For Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits. McLeod Grant is the cofounder of Open Impact and a social entrepreneur, author, and consultant with 25 years of experience in social change. She is coauthor of the bestselling Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits, named a Top Ten Book of the Year by The Economist, and numerous case studies, articles, and other publications. Previously she was the principal of McLeod-Grant Advisors. Grant helped lead the nonprofit practice at Monitor Institute and served as a McKinsey & Company consultant.

Presentation Archive

Several of the presentations were videotaped and will be broadcast on MCAT - Missoula Cable channel 7, beginning Nov. 4th (check schedule) and soon on HCTV - Helena Civic Television channel 11 (check schedule). If you would like to purchase copies of the video, please contact MCAT.

Presentation links:

Ned Cooney: Pre-Conference "Organizational Planning"  Part 1 ,  Part 2 ,  Part 3 ,  Part 4 ,  Part 5 ,  Part 6  &  Part 7

Barb Rusmore & Brad Webb: Pre-Conference "How to Collaborate"  Part 1 ,  Part 2 ,  Part 3 ,   Part 4  ,  Part 5 ,  Part 6  &  Part 7

Julie Rodda: Pre-Conference "Grant Seeking Fundementals"  Part 1 &  Part 2

Heather McLeod Grant:  Opening Plenary

Ned Cooney: Plenary  Part 1 ,   Part 2  &  Part 3

Holly Ross: Technology Track Presentations Lose ControlListening in Social Media (based on the Listening Deck NTEN Project), Plannning, and ROI (includes slides from Peter Campbell and Beth Kanter)

 Peggy Owens:  Making Change Work for Your Nonprofit

Jan Schweitzer:  When Opportunity Knocks, Don't Open the Door

Curt Klotz: Basics of Nonprofit Financial Statements  Part 1 ,  Part 2