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September 28-30 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel-Billings


The 2011 Annual MNA Conference celebrated 10 years of milestones and accomplishments in the Montana nonprofit sector.


In early 2001, a group of Montana nonprofit leaders gathered to discuss how to generate more resources, goods, and services for their organizations and other nonprofits across the state. That same fall, MNA was officially launched and in the 10 years since, the association has grown to over 640 member nonprofits and 120 affiliate members.

Throughout the 2011 conference, attendees celebrated the milestones and accomplishments from the past decade. They also explored how reflecting on the past, assessing the present, and planning for the future can increase the impact of nonprofits in communities throughout Montana.

Conference Events

Consultant's Corner: This was an opportunity for attendees to meet individually with experienced consultants and nonprofit expert practitioners about their specific nonprofit issues and questions.

Member Benefit Mininars:  Attendees joined MNA staff and Program Partner experts to learn how to save money using the MNA Unemployment Insurance Alternative, Nonprofit Business Insurance, Major Medical Health Insurance, and the Property and Casualty Insurance programs.

Exhibitor Fair & Book Fair: Vendors were on hand to showcase the latest and greatest products and services for nonprofit management at the MNA Exhibitor Fair.  There was also a line-up of some of the latest “must-read”  books on nonprofit leadership and management

Reception: This 2011 conference reception celebrated MNA's 10th Anniversary. It was held at the Western Heritage Center where attendees reflected on 10 years of promoting the nonprofit sector in Montana together.

Keynote Address: The Art of Leadership and the Business of Social Changes
"A successful life is not something you simply pursue—it is something that you create, moment by moment." (Bill Strickland)

MNA's 2011 Keynote speaker was Bill Strickland, president and CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation in Pittsburg, PA.

While Strickland grew up in Pittsburgh's ghetto, a fortuitous meeting with a pottery teacher one day inspired him to change his life. He went on to grow a near-bankrupt community center into one of the most acclaimed social organizations of the world. He has also lectured at Harvard and served on the board of the