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Preconference Sessions

Tuesday, October 2

P1: The Fundraiser’s Guide to the Galaxy: Increase Your Potential to Take Over the World

Speakers: Breanna Polacik and Hannah Cortez, the Dotted i, Mary Peterson, Tim Lockie, Now it Matters, Amy Falcione, Big Picture Marketing, Cassidy Wendell, Cassidy Wendell LLC

There are two important pieces to taking over the world: passion to change the world for the better, and…money to make that happen! You’ve got the passion; we’re here to teach you how to raise more money. Join us for an action packed day and take home fundraising and marketing strategies to improve your organization’s potential for raising funds from individuals, foundations, and corporations. Step by step, we’ll dive into grant readiness and research, increasing brand awareness to secure loyal donors, impact stories, creating a social media presence, building relationships, developing sustainable fundraising strategies and more. This is a fantastic workshop for any member of the organization involved in fundraising. All participants will leave with a super-charged, intergallactic roadmap to achieving fundraising success beyond your wildest imagination!
P2: Strategic Marketing and Communications
Speaker: Shelli Bischoff , CEO, Conservation Impact and Nonprofit Impact   Are you trying to increase membership, reach a more diverse audience, or attract new donors? Are you tired of brainstorming ideas about how to attract younger generations? Does your board think social media is the answer to all marketing? Join us to learn how to apply a strategic, systematic, marketing and communications approach to almost every aspect of your organization.Gain the concepts, tools, and templates you need to create strategic marketing and communications plans and programs which will enhance mission, members, and money; and to create a larger and more diverse constituency. Designed for directors, board members, fundraising, membership or outreach staff and volunteers - this workshop is highly applied and practical, and is based on an approach tested and proven successful with hundreds of organizations.
P3: Leadership for the Common Good: Creating A Resilient Team from the Inside Out
Speaker: Beth Kanter, Master Trainer, Speaker, Author  
Within each of us is the potential to lead with excellence. Resilient nonprofit staff and board leaders possess strong selfawareness, self-management, and selfcare skills. They know their values, emotions, and communication styles. They have the ability to keep a pulse on their emotions so that they can stay flexible and positively choose how to react to different situations and people. Here's the good news: these are learned skills. Are you on the leadership learning curve? Are you hoping to move into leadership and looking for ways to build your skills? Are you building the leadership bench in your organization? Join us for this workshop and take a giant step forward.
P4: Becoming a Champion of Change
Speaker: Shannon Stober, Verve Exchange Consulting It is often said that the only constant is change. Fewer places highlight this truth more than the nonprofit sector, as our organizations are regularly charged with navigating changes in funding, staffing, our communities, and our world. These conditions, combined with our commitment to creating public benefit in our work, require us to remain nimble and agile in our mission delivery by proactively developing change management strategies and a change resilient culture. In order to do this, we must become Champions of Change.     In this fast-paced and interactive session, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of change management theory; including best-practices for making the case for change, change obstacle identification, various approaches to developing change strategies, and tactics for ensuring change sticks. We will also explore key leadership behaviors to guide you in addressing resistance to change, as well tools to assist you in developing personal and team resiliency during times of change. Remember, change is inevitable, and the time to be thinking about change management is always now!     Learning Outcomes During this session, participants will:     
  • Characterize the components change management;   
  • Review the process of change management;   
  • Define best-practices in change management strategies and approaches;   
  • Identify factors that contribute to change resistance and their associated behaviors;   
  •  Explore leadership skills to assist in leading change management efforts.  

Concurrent Sessions

Wednesday, October 3 - Thursday, October 4