Announcing MNA’s 2021 Conference Theme

May 13, 2021 GAIN TRACTION September 27 – October 1, 2021 After a challenging year, nonprofits are finding ways to move forward while rebuilding, re-imagining, and redefining their missions,...

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SMASHING RECORDS: Guess how many people are coming to RESOLVE?

September 18, 2020 NEARLY 2,000 REGISTRANTS FROM 260 DIFFERENT ORGANIZATIONS! The record is not only broken, it’s SMASHED! Here’s something to celebrate, friends. At next week’s conference,...

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September 4, 2020 Thursday, September 24th at 6:30 pm… Virtually! Anywhere you can stream. Resounding Resolve: Where Music Meets Mission is a virtual celebration of Montana’s spirit, grit, and...

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Announcing one final keynote speaker… DENISE JUNEAU IS IN

September 2, 2020 We are honored to announce a final keynote speaker to our virtual conference lineup this year, former Superintendent of Public Instruction for Montana, Denise Juneau. Join Denise, MNA, and...

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Resounding Resolve: Where Music Meets Mission

August 26, 2020 Resounding Resolve: Where Music Meets Mission is a virtual celebration of Montana’s spirit, grit, and resolve. This musical collaboration celebrates big hearts under the big sky in...

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Breaking Through

October 10, 2019 by Shelby Rogala, Professional and Organizational Development Manager.  What is a BREAKTHROUGH? When 450 individuals gather to learn, connect, and grow. When nearly 400 organizations...

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2019 MNA Board Candidates

September 13, 2019 Please see our 2019 Board Candidates below. Voting will take place at the 2019 Annual Member Meeting on Friday, October 4th during our Annual Conference in Billings, Montana. MNA’s...

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Breakthroughs are Not Left to Chance

September 6, 2019 by MNA Executive Director, Liz Moore. I’ve been thinking about the MNA Conference theme, “Breakthrough”, for several months, and more so with just weeks until we meet together in...

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Director’s Column: Candidates at the Conference and More

October 25, 2018 No matter how the upcoming election comes out, nonprofits will have our work cut out for us in 2019. In addition to a host of issues at the federal level, we will be working with the...

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MNA 2018 Conference: The Back Story

September 12, 2018 The 2018 Montana Nonprofit Association Conference “Catalyst, Ignite Your Strengths for the Common Good”...

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