Tax on Nonprofit Transportation Benefits set to be Repealed

June 20, 2019 We’re not out of the woods yet, but the National Council of Nonprofits was a leading voice in the effort to repeal the tax on nonprofit transportation benefits. READ MORE....

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Director’s Corner :: National Council of Nonprofits Annual Gathering Recap

June 10, 2019 I was in Washington DC for several reasons last week, starting with the National Council of Nonprofits board meeting on Tuesday. We meet in person just twice a year and address not only...

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When you can, and should, turn down funding.

June 5, 2019 By Emily Flemming, CFRE | Membership and Resource Development Director It sounds like a fundraising dream—someone calls you and says, “I want to give your organization a big...

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Shining Examples of Service Learning in Montana

May 30, 2019 Maya Miller, AmeriCorps VISTA In March, faculty members from universities across Montana came together to share their experiences and explore new academic service learning opportunities....

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Top Ten Facts Census Data Can Tell You About Your Community

May 23, 2019 What Census Data Can Tell You About Your Community via US Census Bureau  1. Is your community gaining or losing population? Revitalization efforts should differ markedly between fast...

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Connect With Your Peers and Build Montana’s Future: MNA Member Groups

May 22, 2019 We’re all in this together. To leverage all of our strengths and discuss our challenges, MNA will be launching a series of affinity groups and learning cohorts over the coming months....

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Working Better Together: The Tension Around Change

April 24, 2019 Shelby Rogala, Professional and Organizational Development Manager With four and sometimes five generations now working or volunteering in many organizations, tension is inevitable. In...

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MNA is Hitting the Refresh Button

April 19, 2019 Liz Moore The MNA office will be closed Tuesday, April 30th. Here’s why. Last year we invited Beth Kanter to speak at the MNA Conference on the topic of workplace wellness. We didn’t...

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Seeking Your Perspective: Service Learning in Montana

April 16, 2019 As Montana’s economy and demographics change, the nonprofit world is greatly impacted. Whether seeking strategies to cultivate new donors, staff, volunteers, or board members,...

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4 Signs You Are A Burned out Nonprofit Fundraiser

April 2, 2019 Guest Blog by Beth Kanter You’ve smiled through back-to-back-to-back-to-back meetings with donors and your best donor prospect just cancelled on you, and now you’ve got to finish that...

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