Montana is Counting on 2020 Census

January 9, 2020 Montana lost its second U.S. House seat over 30 years ago, leaving it the most populous district with only a single vote in the House in the nation at the time. In the years since,...

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Transportation Benefits Tax Removed From House Bill

December 17, 2019 A bipartisan tax bill was agreed to by House and Senate negotiators late last night that would retroactively repeal the tax that nonprofits and churches have been working to eliminate ever...

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Time to Repeal the Tax on Nonprofit Transportation Benefits

December 16, 2019 The burdensome tax on nonprofit transportation benefits will stay on the books into the New Year unless Congress takes action this week to repeal it. Even if the tax is eliminated...

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U.S. Department of Labor Issues Overtime Rule

September 24, 2019 The new rule would make 1.3 American workers eligible for overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act. By issuing the rule the Department aims to: raise the “standard salary level”...

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Tax on Nonprofit Transportation Benefits set to be Repealed

June 20, 2019 We’re not out of the woods yet, but the National Council of Nonprofits was a leading voice in the effort to repeal the tax on nonprofit transportation benefits. READ MORE....

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Montana Lawmakers Plan Tax Policy Review

May 29, 2019 via Montana Public Radio Montana lawmakers will take a comprehensive look at state and local tax policy over the next two years. Legislators say a changing economy and increasing population...

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Could providing parking to your employees cause you to pay unrelated business income tax?

March 19, 2019 Guest Blog written by Meghan Bronec, Senior Manager, at Wipfli CPAs & Consultants Have you considered the impact of the new tax law on your organization? The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act...

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Nonprofits Respond to IRS Notice on Transportation Tax

February 20, 2019 Guest Blog by David Thompson from National Council of Nonprofits This morning, the National Council of Nonprofits submitted comments in response to proposed guidance on calculating the...

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Another Federal Government Shutdown Is Looming

February 6, 2019 Take Seven Minutes to Protect the Public and Build Stronger Nonprofits The 35-day federal government shutdown caused widespread disruptions in the lives of millions of people. Fortunately,...

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KGEZ 600 AM Interviews, Executive Director, Liz Moore

January 11, 2019 Executive Director of MNA, Liz Moore, was recently interviewed by KGEZ 600 AM's Good Morning Show. Liz highlighted the value of the nonprofit sector in Montana and invited nonprofit...

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