Census 2020: A Call for Nonprofit Action – Before It’s Too Late!

August 12, 2020 / Comments Off on Census 2020: A Call for Nonprofit Action – Before It’s Too Late!

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Montana Nonprofit Association’s Executive Director, Liz Moore recently wrote an article for Nonprofit Quarterly regarding the announcement that the Census Bureau is reversing course and accelerating completion of field counts for the 2020 Census. In the the article, Census 2020: A Call for Nonprofit Action—Before It’s Too Late!, Liz writes, “The last-minute decision by the US Census Bureau to shorten the 2020 census data collection period by a full month strikes at two of the most significant social justice issues of the day: representation and resources.” She walks through the many challenges to conducting a fair, accurate, and complete census in Montana and other states, highlighting rural issues, the digital divide, the postal disconnect (i.e., can’t use PO boxes to deliver census mailings), and more. Liz explains, “The bottom line is that whole groups of people stand to be left out, completely invisible and without political representation, if the new timeline stands.” Recognizing that “[s]o many problems will be made worse with an undercount,” Liz concludes, “Now it’s time for all of us to lift up our collective voice to ensure every person in our communities participate in one of the most fundamental actions of our society: that of being counted.”