Connect With Your Peers and Build Montana’s Future: MNA Member Groups

We’re all in this together. To leverage all of our strengths and discuss our challenges, MNA will be launching a series of affinity groups and learning cohorts over the coming months. Through monthly Zoom meetings, Facebook communities, and a shared support system, MNA affinity groups will connect you to the resources, networks, and conversations that make a difference. These groups will be centered around organizational roles or training programs and facilitated by MNA staff, with guest speakers and experts brought in along the way. We will cover topic areas related to nonprofit management, best practices, hurdles, trends in the nonprofit sector, issues in Montana, and other topics as desired by the group. These learning communities are a great (and free) opportunity for you to learn and grow with each other, for the good of you, your organization, and all of Montana. (email [email protected] for more info)

  • Executive Directors and CEOs | Monthly Calls on the second Thursday of each month at 9:00 AM | Register Here | Facebook Community
  • New Executive Directors and CEOs (Less than 2 years experience) | Monthly calls on the third Thursday of each month at 9:00 AM | Register Here | Facebook Community
  • For attendees of The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit seeking to connect with other organizations and individuals on their journeys to nonprofit wellness, we invite you to join our Facebook Community
  • Coming soon: Affinity groups for Development Staff, Board Chairs, and Emerging Leaders

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