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What is Endow Montana?

Endow Montana is a project of the Montana Nonprofit Association with support from the Montana Community Foundation. The goal of the project is to advance charitable giving in Montana through endowment building.

In September of 2008 after 12 years of service, the Governor's Task Force on Endowments and Philanthropy handed over responsibility for promoting philanthropy and the development of endowments in Montana to the Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA).

The Montana Endowment Tax Credit was extended through 2025 during the 2019 Montana Legislative Session. Senator Mark Blasdel carried the bill which received strong bipartisan support as it moved through process. In the end the bill passed unanimously out of the Senate and was passed by the House 94-3.

The Montana Endowment Tax Credit is a Treasure State gem that has been carefully cultivated and passed forward for more than two decades. We all appreciate and owe a debt of gratitude to the many partners who came together to extend the Credit in 2019. Montana communities will benefit long into the future as endowed gifts are held in perpetuity, with the earnings being deployed to advance the quality of life we want and enjoy as Montanans.

Endow Montana News

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