Finally, Fundraising that Does Itself

June 25, 2019 / Comments Off on Finally, Fundraising that Does Itself

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by MNA Affiliate Member, MyWay2Help |

Managing donor fatigue is a constant challenge for nonprofits – the sheer amount of causes and the plead for donations can overwhelm even the stronghearted. While supporters have the intent in their hearts, they may not have the means to support your cause whether that be money to directly donate or time to attend a fundraising event or volunteer. That leaves your organization forced to face the delicate balancing act of managing fundraising and project activities with inconsistent funding. Or meeting supporters’ somewhere in the middle, where fundraising overlaps with fulfilling personal needs.

At MyWay2Help, we think your nonprofit should focus on what they do best – changing the world.

Help your donors help you

MyWay2Help is an online platform that provides options for both nonprofits and supporters to receive and give funding on a secure platform – where meeting in the middle has never been easier. Feel confident with your fundraising goals and comfortable taking on grander initiatives with the support of MyWay2Help’s dynamic fundraising platform.

With features developed to address the daily needs of individuals, businesses and nonprofits, the cycle of funding remains steady as supporters can choose how they want to give. Through MyWay2Help, your nonprofit can clearly tell its story so that existing donors are enticed to keep giving and potential donors can find a new mission they love to support.

For the Montana Nonprofit Association, MyWay2Help’s platform can help achieve the mission of highlighting the importance of nonprofits to the Montana citizens. With the dynamic features to target small businesses and individuals, nonprofits can integrate themselves seamlessly into the lives of the citizens and remain an integral part of the community

Here are the features that we crafted:


The Marketplace serves as a space where individuals can make purposeful purchasing. Yes, buying new home décor is now completely justified!

Roughly 35.5 million Americans move homes each year, and 165,000 garage sales attended by more than half-a-million people take place each week. Now, you’re probably wondering, what’s the connection between moving homes, garage sales and your nonprofit’s budget? A lot of wasted fundraising potential.

With the MyWay2Help Marketplace, your supporters can give garage sales a digital twist by using the Marketplace to sell their goods.

Gone are the days of having to set-up a physical shop in a driveway or worry about scams and sketchy encounters on other marketplace websites. People can securely purchase goods on our platform from verified sellers who donate percentages to nonprofits of their choice (hopefully, that’s you!).


Nonprofits usually host dinners or events where items are auctioned-off to raise money for their cause. But now, you can participate in all the auction fun from the comfort of your home or office – no more Facebook events necessary.

With Auctions, a business, for example, can offer an item to be auctioned off – like a gift certificate for a restaurant, a weekend at a hotel, 4-hours of free interior design for that new home décor you’ll buy on the Marketplace – anything that business offers. We envision this as a tool for companies to promote their services without spending money on traditional advertising while also giving back to nonprofits.

For your nonprofit, this means creating meaningful relationships with your community. Auctions encourage those essential relationships between you and small businesses as participating individuals compete for a product/service/experience they personally enjoy.

Direct Donation.

The direct donation is a timeless and simple form of giving. Easily detail your narrative on your MyWay2Help donation page while giving your supporters a safe, secure payment platform to support your mission.

And more! (Features not available at launch)

You can look forward to MyWay2Help implementing new features like Gift Cards and Mission Support Cards. MyWay2Help will offer gift cards from our site so that offering incentives, bonuses or tokens or gratitude and appreciation comes with purpose. With each gift card, part of the purchase will go towards supporting a nonprofit. Mission Support Cards will enable volunteers travelling in support of a good cause to share and tell their story, collect donations to fund their mission and continue to update their supporters from the field.

Where do you start?

Begin your new fundraising journey by visiting our website or Facebook page.

While we’re still developing our Beta, join early users list so that you can be the first to get a head start on MyWay2Help’s dynamic fundraising!

Once we launch, you can register to begin customizing your own sub-site under the MyWay2Help platform. With a nominal fee, your nonprofit can then access the Marketplace, Auction and Direct Donation features so that you can increase engagement with donors and feel secure with your funding.

Just a little recap on what MyWay2Help can do for you:

  • Create effortless funding for your nonprofit
  • Add relevance to existing individual and business supporters
  • Engage donors who were unable to help you thus far
  • Have turnkey technical resources at your disposal
  • Leverage our PR, digital marketing and outreach as part of our MyWay2Help web and mobile platform
  • Combat donor fatigue that currently plagues nonprofit fundraising.
  • Build meaningful relationships with your supporters

Soon, fundraising will no longer be a one-way effort; On MyWay2Help, it will become a fluid and dynamic relationship between supporter and nonprofit. We find it incredibly important for there to be flexibility in fundraising and donating so that people can give in their own way.

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