Governor Bullock Announces Phase 2 of Reopening will Start June 1, 2020

May 19, 2020 / Comments Off on Governor Bullock Announces Phase 2 of Reopening will Start June 1, 2020

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Here are details regarding Phase Two of reopening taken from the Governor’s Directive on Implementing and Establishing Phase 2 of Reopening.

All Phase One and All-Phases Guidance is to continue except where modified in the Governor’s new Directive. Here is what the Directive specified as being modified in Phase Two:

Phase Two: Increase in Permissible Group Size to Groups of 50
• Effective June 1, avoid gathering in groups of more than 50 people in circumstances that do
not readily allow for appropriate physical distancing. It is recommended to continue to
social distance in gatherings of any size.
• Groups larger than 50 people should be cancelled unless physical distancing can be
• If you are planning an event with more than 50 people you should consult with your local
public health office on a plan to implement adequate social distancing.
• Consistent with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines, event
cutoff threshold is at the discretion of community leadership based on current
circumstances in your community.
• Physical distancing guidelines for groups and gatherings do not apply to household

Phase Two: Individuals and Employers
• Effective June 1, the below guidelines apply to both individuals and businesses in Phase
Two. Individuals and businesses should also follow the Phase Two guidelines provided in
the attached Appendix A, also in effect June 1.
• Vulnerable individuals should continue to adhere to the stay-at-home guidance.
• All businesses may operate, provided they adhere to physical distancing and the conditions
in this Directive, the Phase Two Guidelines, and all other Directives and guidance
remaining in effect. Businesses should follow CDC sanitation protocols.
• Restaurants, bars, breweries, distilleries and casinos remain in the same operational status
as Phase One, but with an increase to 75 percent capacity.
• Gyms, indoor group fitness classes, pools, and hot tubs can operate at 75 percent capacity
and only if they can adhere to strict physical distancing and they exercise frequent
sanitation protocols.
• Concert halls, bowling alleys, and other places of assembly may operate with reduced
capacity and must adhere to strict physical distancing guidelines set forth for group
gatherings and follow CDC sanitation protocols.
• Child-care facilities can increase capacity consistent with the guidelines and FAQ contained
in the April 1 Directive on childcare and if physical distancing guidelines can be
implemented, however the 24-person cap per facility no longer applies effective June 1.
• Employers should continue to permit telework as much as possible and where feasible, but
refer to guidelines for Phase One where telework is not possible.
• Senior living or assisted living facilities must continue to follow the guidelines of Phase
• Outdoor recreation remains in the same operational status as Phase One.

Phase Two: Travel Quarantine to Expire June 1
• Effective June 1, the provisions of the March 30 Directive requiring quarantine for nonwork-related arrivals in Montana will no longer be in effect.
• The Montana National Guard remains authorized to conduct temperature checks, assess
individuals for COVID-19 symptoms, and to inquire about exposure history of any traveler
arriving in Montana from another state or country through air or rail travel, consistent with
the terms and restrictions provided in the March 30 Directive.
• The State will execute a robust public health plan in communities most impacted by
tourism, including:
o Surveillance testing of employees.
o Enhanced contact tracing resources deployed to these areas as requested by local
o Ability to surge personal protective equipment to impacted health care systems.
o Guidelines for operation for businesses that see high-tourist activity.

For more information on how this Directive is to be enforced, please read the full Directive.