Governor Bullock Announces Task Force

April 17, 2020 / Comments Off on Governor Bullock Announces Task Force

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Governor Steve Bullock has announced the establishment of the Coronavirus Relief Fund Task Force to provide guidance and advice on how to best use $1.25 billion appropriated to Montana through the Federal CARES Act to assist workers, businesses, and sectors of the economy impacted by COVID-19.

The task force includes 26 Montanans, including MNA’s Executive Director, Liz Moore. Over the next two weeks, the task force will examine all sectors of the economy to understand the impacts of COVID-19 on Montanans and consider the unique needs of each region of the state and support a long-term path to economic recovery.

MNA is pleased to participate in this effort. We are being asked to consider the larger picture – beyond our own subsector or sector, which is an invitation for all of us to think creatively about how to best deploy funds for Montana’s short and longer term wellbeing. We hope nonprofit leaders will take the opportunity to offer your perspectives using the public comment portal on the Department of Commerce website.