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Innovation Lab

“Innovation” is one of those words that is used too often and means something different for every person. That aside, we are all aware that nonprofits, just like our counterparts in business, need to continually explore and adopt new approaches and ways of doing business. We are also keenly aware of the consuming nature of mission-driven work, the absence of capital to explore innovative practices, and the complexities of managing change in the workplace. All of these are real challenges to innovation within the nonprofit sector.

To best equip Montana’s nonprofit sector’s ability to innovate, and to bring a clear Montana-flavor to the concept of innovation, MNA is launching its Nonprofit Innovation Lab (Learn, Adapt, Breakthrough). The Lab, created with generous leadership funding from Headwaters Foundation, will serve as a nucleus for researching, developing, and deploying innovative products and creative processes that tangibly increase the efficiency and/or productivity of nonprofit administrative functions. In that role, the Lab will serve as a facilitator of communication, collaboration, and co-creation of ideas within and between Montana’s nonprofit organizations.

Innovation for Montana Nonprofits