MNA has revamped how we bring you the best nonprofit tech.

We understand that while you want to learn about the best and brightest technologies you can be using in your organization, there just isn’t space in the day for yet another Zoom meeting. That’s why we are shifting our Tech Town Hall Zoom series from 60-minute monthly meetings to short recorded videos that offer basic overviews of newest and coolest technologies. These videos will be released monthly and archived here for you to explore at your convenience.

And as always, we are here are happy to answer questions or to help sort out what technology could best be used in your organization! Reach out any time!

Tech Resources Archive

  • What Are Google Ad Grants? A Beginner’s Guide to the Program 
    There are so many marketing resources available for nonprofits looking to boost their reach. However, some are particularly effective at promoting charitable organizations online. The Google Ad Grant is a powerful tool that allows nonprofits of all sizes to harness the power of digital marketing at no additional cost. Each …
  • How To Create a Nonprofit Annual Report in 9 Steps
    Written By Margo Stoney, High Mountain Creative Your 2023 Nonprofit Annual Report Design Content Checklist Does putting together your annual report feel overwhelming? Since I already know the answer to that, I’ve put together this handy list and downloadable Annual Report Checklist to help organize your annual report or impact report. …
  • All Donations Are Good, Right? Wrong.
    Watch out for card testing fraud in online donation forms Last month the MNA online donation form saw an uptick in activity – unfortunately, these donations were not all positive. Our database alerted us to an unusual number of failed transactions. When we investigated what was going on, we discovered …
  • Tech Town Hall: Digital Marketing Strategy with Event Groove
    Do you have a marketing plan? Do you know how your organization will engage supporters next week, month, through the end of the year? Join Eventgroove to discuss the importance of having a marketing playbook as a basis for success for your nonprofit and how digital marketing can take this …
  • Tech Town Hall: Expense Management
    Learn about technology solutions for managing expenses.
  • Tech Town Hall: Neon CRM
    Learn how the Neon CRM can help streamline your nonprofits contact management and donations!
  • Tech Town Hall: Microsoft 365 Pt. 2
    Learn how Microsoft 365 can help manage external communications for your nonprofit.
  • Tech Town Hall: Microsoft 365 Pt. 1
    Learn the ins and outs of Microsoft 365, and how it can help transform your team’s workflows.