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Program Description

The University of Montana is offering online short courses in nonprofit administration specifically designed for busy professionals. Online courses in nonprofit management are based on MNA's Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Montana.

The Online Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Administration is approved through The University of Montana Academic Standards and Curriculum Review Committee and the Graduate Council. Through a set of core courses and an internship, students combine theoretical learning about nonprofit practices such as grant writing, strategic planning, fundraising and human resource management with hands-on experience at a nonprofit organization. Students must complete at least 12 credits from among a series of 2-credit online courses in addition to completing a 4-credit internship course. A grade of C or above must be achieved in order to receive credit toward the Professional Certificate. Credit cannot be granted retroactively for courses that were previously completed on a non-credit basis.There is no formal application process or enrollment requirement for courses in the Nonprofit Administration Online Program.

Each course will involve approximately 5 hours of work each week: 2.5 hours of online contact and 2.5 hours of study/homework. The one exception to this is Grant Writing, which, due to its intricacies, may require up to ten hours a week. All courses are available for undergraduate or graduate credit.

To receive more information on the program, the certificate, or for academic advising, please contact Laura Fellin at [email protected] or (406) 243-2586. Laura is located in the Office for Civic Engagement, Davidson Honors College 015.

For registration and course access questions, please contact Clare Kelly at [email protected] or (406) 243-4168.

Fees & Policies

Online Courses: $385 each
Internship: $435

Fees subject to change. Total cost for the Professional Certificate is approximately $3,000.

Required textbooks are listed on course syllabi and may be purchased online (i.e. Amazon, etc.).

Fee Rates

There is no fee differential for out-of-state students.

Add/Drop Policy

Because of the intensive nature of these courses, students must login to the course no later than the third instructional day. Students will not be able to add into a course once it has started.The deadline to withdraw from a course is one week before the last day of the course. To withdraw from a course, please submit a request to Holly Kulish at [email protected].