Meet MNA’s New Affiliate Member: Phil

June 1, 2018 / Comments Off on Meet MNA’s New Affiliate Member: Phil

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Phil Logo It’s been said everyone should sleep with a notebook by the side of their bed because this happens to all of us. “This” being when you wake up with a keen awareness of life or a flash of creativity. I had one such morning last year. 

I woke with the realization of how little I knew about our community’s needs. I could not describe the school’s budget shortfalls. I did not realize child homelessness was increasing. I lacked knowledge in what resources were necessary for families struggling with addictions or other disabilities. What’s more, I could not remember a time when I had donated to a nonprofit or cause where I heard back as to the success of the fundraising efforts. Had I helped? Did we accomplish something? Did our efforts fall short? 

I began to think, “I’m sure there’s an app for that.” I was confident with a few words in Google, I would find a site or platform where local nonprofits would be sharing their stories and asking for help. I was surprised when thirty minutes later, my searches were still coming up short. How could this be? With smartphone technology and the internet penetrating almost every element of our life, how was it possible we were not leveraging a platform to increase citizen engagement and awareness while making financial donations and volunteer commitments as easy as an Amazon purchase? 

I continued my search and found my feelings were not unique. Comments from caring and thoughtful citizens taught me we tend to have the same concerns, which are: 

  1. People want transparency from nonprofits. 
  2. We want to know the narratives behind the fundraising efforts. 
  3. We crave knowing the effect our contributions had on the community – the successes and the great outcomes. 
  4. We want information to come as easily as possible. We all lead busy lives and our smartphone are either in our hands or are just inches away. 

Then came months of discussions with family, friends, and trusted colleagues. From it, we created PHIL. PHIL is short for PHILanthropy and it is a platform created to foster citizen awareness and engagement through regular, transparent ASKs from local nonprofits fulfilling local needs. 

At PHIL, we believe: 

  1. Philanthropy is for everyone. No matter your income or how busy your life is or appears to be. 
  2. Informed people are more committed and engaged citizens of their community. 
  3. Transparency leads to trust and trust leads to solutions. 
  4. Generosity should be a habit and a lifestyle. Not an event or season. 
  5. Giving benefits all parties. 
  6. Finally, community issues are best addressed by local organizations and citizens. 

To learn more about us and to join our community, visit us as