MNA Welcomes Local Ambassadors

January 25, 2023 / Comments Off on MNA Welcomes Local Ambassadors

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MNA is excited to introduce you to our local MNA Ambassadors for 2022/2023 in Beaverhead, Lincoln, and Custer/Dawson Counties. MNA piloted this program in 2022 with Ambassadors in Glendive, Miles City, and Sidney, and have grown it through 2022 to engage with more communities across our state.  

In addition to their other roles in their communities, the ambassadors below work to connect and convene with nonprofits in their area, serving as resources, facilitators, and sounding boards for 501c3 organizations. They are also MNA’s “ears on the ground” to help us better understand the unique needs, strengths, and challenges these communities face.  

Beaverhead County 

Headshot of Callie Triller.
Callie Triller

Meet Callie Triller! 

Callie is excited to serve as the Montana Nonprofit Association Community Ambassador for Beaverhead County. She most recently helped to start and run a local nonprofit, The Early Childhood Coalition of Beaverhead County, after realizing the gap in services for 0–5 year-olds in her area. This work introduced her to many other local nonprofit leaders and deepened her desire to help those doing good work in her community to receive as much support as possible. Trained as a school counselor, Callie still draws on many of her skills for problem-solving and systems change work. Callie and her family are actively involved in their local Presbyterian church, where her husband serves as the Pastor. You’ll most often find Callie with a cup of coffee in her hand as she tries to keep up with her two young sons. 

Custer & Dawson Counties 

Studio portrait of Sharla Helland
Sharla Helland

Hello to Sharla Helland! 

Sharla has been in the nonprofit world for the past 32 years as the Fiscal Director/Office Manager for the Developmental Educational Assistance Program (DEAP) in Miles City, Montana. Sharla has a passion for her community’s well-being and has served on several community boards, including Eastern Montana Industries, Holy Rosary Health Care Foundation, and Custer County Educational Foundation. She has a Business Administration/Accounting degree from Montana Technological University in Butte, MT. 

Lincoln County 

Candid "selfie" of Casey Fuson with her young son, both wearing yellow shirts and blue bandanas.
Casey Fuson and her son.

Welcome Casey Fuson! 

Casey is originally from the beautiful hardwood forests of Southern Illinois. Since moving to Montana for the first time in 2015 to work for the Forest Service, Casey has found “my people” among the thriving community of nonprofits in Northwest Montana. Outside of community service work, Casey is a potter, a musician, and a new mom! 

Candid photo of Maggie Anderson, with backlit sunlight.
Maggie Anderson

Meet Maggie Anderson! 

Maggie works as a Prevention Specialist and Project Coordinator for Lincoln County Unite for Youth in NW Montana. She is a Communities that Care facilitator for Lincoln County’s Spring Up Communities and is grateful to work alongside an amazing team of individuals, agencies and organizations committed to elevating the well-being of young people in Troy, Libby, and across the Tobacco Valley. She has a love for kids of all ages, and a passion for connecting community in ways that support youth, serve and strengthen families, and expand opportunities for learning and growing together. Maggie is a hope-filled realist – willing to hear the concerns of a community, and ready to work alongside others to promote healthy lifestyles and strengthen relationships that inspire others to bring the best of who they are to do the best they can for the communities they serve. Maggie is a wife and mom of three beautiful adult children. She loves to spend time reading, gardening, cooking, and when she gets the chance – kayaking with her family. 

Want to be connected to these ambassadors? Reach out to MNA for an introduction. 

Is your community interested in hosting an ambassador? Contact Tylyn Newcomb to learn more about the Ambassador program and how to serve as a resource in your community. While MNA does not currently have any openings, we can expand programming based on capacity, funding, and interest.