MNA’s Emily Flemming Awarded the Certified Fund Raising Executive Designation

February 21, 2019 / Comments Off on MNA’s Emily Flemming Awarded the Certified Fund Raising Executive Designation

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We are proud to announce that CFRE International has named Emily Flemming, our Membership and Resource Development Director, a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE). Emily joins over 6,300 professionals around the world who hold the CFRE designation.

Individuals granted the CFRE credential have met a series of standards set by CFRE International
which include tenure in the profession, education, and demonstrated fundraising achievement. They
have also passed a rigorous written examination testing the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of
a fundraising executive, and have agreed to uphold Accountability Standards and the Donor Bill of

“The CFRE credential was created to identify for the public and employers those individuals who
possess the knowledge, skills, and commitment to perform fundraising duties in an effective and
ethical manner,” states CFRE International President and CEO Eva E. Aldrich, Ph.D., CAE, (CFRE
2001-2016). “As the certification is a voluntary achievement, the CFRE certification demonstrates a
high level of commitment on the part of Emily to the fundraising profession and
the donors who are served”

Since 1981, CFRE has set standards for fundraising professionals. As the only globally recognized
fundraising certification, CFRE indicates professionalism, confidence, and ethics. It is how today’s
fundraiser shows accountability, service, and commitment to making a difference for good. The CFRE
certification program is accredited by the American National Standards Institute and is the only
accredited certification for fundraising professionals.

CFRE International and MNA congratulates Emily for achieving the CFRE designation. The knowledge Emily has gained through this process will enhance her abilities to serve MNA members in a myriad of meaningful ways. For this we are most grateful!