Navigating Your Reopening

June 17, 2020 / Comments Off on Navigating Your Reopening

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As Montana wades into “Phase 2” of its reopening protocols, we here at MNA have been keenly concerned with ensuring Montana nonprofits have the resources and tools they need to make their reopening as safe and low risk as possible. Although we are not able to answer all of the primary issues you and your organization are facing, we can help ensure you are asking the right questions for your context.

Each organization is facing different challenges, and the risks associated with reopening vary greatly from org to org. For some, reopening is pretty straightforward and only involves bringing staff back into a professional office. Others have to consider countless points of contact with the general public, many of whom are in a high-risk category.

To help organizations sort through the issues and concerns they may be facing in re-opening and to ensure they are at least asking the right questions regarding process, policy, and procedure, MNA has developed a Reopening Risk Navigator. Eliminating “risk” associated with virus transmission is not possible, but we can take steps to meaningful mitigation regarding employee interactions, interactions with the public, policies and procedures, and public relations.

Please consult our navigator, see which questions and categories may apply to you and your organization, and use the resources we’ve curated to take appropriate steps to mitigate risk for your organization.