Building a Culture of Wellness

December 7, 2022 On cultivating wellbeing in a stress-filled world By Deb Halliday, Halliday & Associates | November 2022 Note: This blog is inspired by a workshop I designed for nonprofit leaders...

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November 23, 2022 To be fully engaged in life means coming to terms with one paradox after another. A child is born, a friend goes through chemo. A daughter gets a dream job; …...

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All Donations Are Good, Right? Wrong.

November 16, 2022 Watch out for card testing fraud in online donation forms Last month the MNA online donation form saw an uptick in activity – unfortunately, these donations were not all positive....

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A Moment of Reflection and Education

September 20, 2022 Guidance offered by Keegan Medrano, Muscogee Creek, of ACLU Montana. As we enter into the space today, we want to acknowledge that all land in what is currently known as …...

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2022 Candidates for the Board

September 6, 2022 The MNA Governance Committee is pleased to announce the candidates for board service for 2023-2026. These candidates will be elected at our annual membership meeting, which will take place...

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How to Gather

August 30, 2022 Starting with the end in mind is a solid strategy as you explore the 2022 Montana Nonprofit Association Conference opportunities.   Our team went in an unusual direction as we …...

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Race To Lead Survey

August 29, 2022 We invite you to participate in this year’s Race To Lead Survey to help develop stronger, more equitable nonprofit organizations and deliver positive impacts in communities served. The...

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Voter Registration Resources

August 8, 2022 Nonprofits exist in every community across the Montana, ranging in size and covering every mission imaginable – we are trusted messengers, and can help ensure our constituents, clients,...

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MNA Pilots a Four Day Work Week

June 30, 2022 “We’re running a marathon at a sprinter’s pace.  We need to find a way to slow down and stride out.” “We need to lower stress and increase well-being for our …...

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AAP Mid Year Check In

June 30, 2022 After a trial run in 2021, this year MNA launched our All Access Pass Program, with the goal of increasing access to our programming for more nonprofit staff, board members, …...

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