TechImpact: Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)


Salesforce is a CRM platform initially developed for the for-profit environment. The NPSP adds a nonprofit lens to the base functionality of this powerful system in order to manage donations, constituents and programs. Salesforce offers qualified nonprofits 10 free licenses of the software. This webinar reviews the out of the box functionality of the software, […]

Consulting Secrets Revealed: Why Tech Adoption Fails


You roll out a new system.  Although it works, it sits mostly unused.  We’ve all seen it happen, and there are many causes.  Join our webinar for a discussion of some common pitfalls of tech implementation and rollout and get tips on how to avoid them.  Spoiler alert: they mostly don’t have to do with […]

TechImpact: Data Systems Assessment


The collection, management and analysis of data is becoming increasingly more important for nonprofit organizations. Savvy data management and analysis can lead to increased funding and better programs and services and has become critical to sustaining the work of our nonprofit. But, data management is not simple, especially when working with sub-optimal data tools. Many […]

Replacing Your Phone System with Microsoft Teams


If your nonprofit is like most, you’re looking for a phone system that’s reliable, flexible and cost-effective. That’s what makes Microsoft Teams Phone System a solid option for some organizations, especially if you’re already using Office 365. Please join us for this succinct, 30-minute webinar and learn about the: Landscape of voice communication options Differences […]

Walk the Walk: Tech Committees that Work


Technology only benefits your mission when it’s used widely and deeply across your organization.  Join us for insights on how a cross organizational team focused on leveraging technology can improve adoption, innovation and satisfaction across your staff.   They can also unlock the real purpose of your data: using it in daily work to make better […]

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