Perks of the Job: Benefit Packages to Recruit and Retain Nonprofit Employees

August 28, 2019 / Comments Off on Perks of the Job: Benefit Packages to Recruit and Retain Nonprofit Employees

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Shelby Rogala, Professional and Organizational Development Manager

In our Build Your Best Team curriculum, MNA discusses how unique benefit packages attract new employees to your organization. Beyond titles, salary, and meaningful work, nonprofits can leverage inexpensive but helpful benefits packages that truly make a difference for current and potential employees. 

For many nonprofit organizations, benefit packages may feel like the last priority, but consider that in a recent survey by Glassdoor, around 60% of respondents reported that they “strongly consider perks and benefits offered before accepting a job offer.” As unemployment levels continue to drop and younger generations enter and change the workforce, benefits are increasingly important. With a range of traditional benefits and perks, every nonprofit can create the right package to attract a great team.

Traditional Benefits

The tried and true benefits aren’t going away – and workers of all generations continue to value similar packages. Though these can be more expensive for your bottom line, they can also help you attract high performing individuals while retaining valued employees:

    • Health Insurance
    • HSA Contributions
    • Dental/Vision
    • Contributions to Retirement
    • Performance Bonuses
    • Paid Time Off/Vacation/Sick Days

Creative Perks and Benefits

Less expensive and more creative options include what we might call “perks” but which can be just as appealing to a multigenerational workforce. From the common sense to the decidedly unique, here is a sample of benefits offered around the country today:

    • Remote Working Options + Flexible Work Hours 
    • Childcare
    • Professional Development Opportunities
    • Wellness Programs / Gym Membership
    • Tuition Assistance / Student Loan Repayment
    • Maternity and Paternity Leave
    • Providing meals and/or snacks

Benefits in Montana

The landscape in Montana nonprofits for benefits is varied, but more and more nonprofits are offering benefits for their full and part time employees. According to the 2018 Montana Nonprofit Wage and Benefit Report, here is a breakdown of what benefit packages nonprofits in Montana are offering. Access the report to see these numbers and more by organization size.

    • 63% offer medical benefits
    • 50% offer dental benefits
    • 49% offer vision plans
    • 30% offer life/disability benefits
    • 77% offer retirement plans
    • 48% offer some benefits to part-time employees
    • The majority offer some form of paid time off, including personal days, bereavement leave, and vacation days

Your Turn
We want to better understand and share the benefits and perks that are unique to Montana nonprofits. Share your organization’s best benefits and perks HERE.