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Through a special arrangement, MNA members receive a 20% discount on their subscription to GrantHub.  

Program Description 

Build upon your funding success instead of losing ground with personnel changes, missed deadlines and damaged funder relationships. 

GrantHub is an online grant management solution from Foundant Technologies, that tracks and organizes all your deadlines, applications, reports, and important grant documents. Instead of using a mix of manual method and tools (spreadsheets, task manager, calendar, file storage systems. etc.) – GrantHub can streamline the creation of your application and will proactively send reminders when your deadlines are coming due. Grant consultants can also use GrantHub to expand the value they bring to their clients. 

MNA members receive a 20% discount on their GrantHub subscription (regularly $795/year). 

Getting Started 

MNA members who wish to try GrantHub free for 14 days, and then receive 20% off if you decide to purchase: 

  1.  Go to to register for your MNA member discount 
  2. Then startyour free GrantHub trial today! 


To learn more about the GrantHub product line, or Foundant Technologies, visit their website (
or contact Tammy Tilzey at 406-922-5144.  


For general information about any of MNA's programs, contact MNA by email or call 406-449-3717 

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