About the MNA Group Benefits Trust Health Plans
The Montana Nonprofit Association Group Benefits Trust (the GBT) was established 10 years ago to help provide lower cost health insurance to our members.

In 2014, as a result of changes in the health care industry, our members with fewer than 50 employees were required to find stand-alone policies in the fully-insured marketplace. Naturally, this was a big blow to nonprofits, and we worked hard to find a solution that would work for our members. As of July 2015, the GBT is approved to offer group coverage to MNA members with at least two employees.

health insurance for nonprofits

Association-sponsored health insurance plans have always afforded their members the lowest and most stable premiums; this is true again for the GBT.

We asked your employees about what they wanted in their health insurance coverage, and they told us:

  1. A plan built for and managed by people from our industry
  2. Quality benefits
  3. Affordable rates
  4. Premium stability
  5. Expert advice and service

The new MNA GBT health plans meet all of these requirements.

2010 3.7%
2011 5.9%
2012 0%
2013 0%
2014 0%
2015 5.3%
  • 7 different benefit options – unique and built for nonprofit employers and their employees
  • Stable rates with extremely low premium increases since 2010

That is only an average annual increase of 2.48% over the last 6 years!

Our partner in the management and sale of the GBT is Leavitt Great West Insurance Services (LGW). LGW is Montana’s premier health insurance agency in regards to advising, association-sponsored health plans, and experience. They work with many of our State’s oldest, most successful programs including: Montana-Wyoming Bankers Association, Montana Automobile Dealers Association, Montana Dental Association, and the State Bar Association of Montana. Our advisors at LGW are nationally recognized for their expertise in advising multi-employer health trusts and we are very excited to pass this opportunity on to all of our members.

Getting Started

To learn more about health plans offered by the Montana Nonprofit Association Group Benefits Trust:

Contact Lanie Plovanich at [email protected] or 406-443-1059.