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  • ACTION ALERT: Oppose SB307

    Please join MNA in protecting the integrity, reputation and agenda of Montana’s charitable nonprofits by opposing SB307.  This week we are issuing our second Action Alert of the Legislative Session. …

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  • Oppose HB 391: Fees on Nonprofit Property

    Dark blue background image with text No on HB 391.

    CALL TO ACTION Legislature Heats Up This week we are issuing our first call to action of the session. The hearing on HB391 takes place Wednesday, February 8 at 9:00 a.m. in …

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  • 2023 Montana Legislature: Weeks Three & Four

    Welcome to MNA’s Legislative update. Although we are keeping an eye on several hundred bill draft requests, very few of them actually have language. Nonetheless we have been busy meeting with …

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  • 2023 Montana Legislature: Week Two

    Welcome to the weekly MNA Legislative update. We’ll use this to keep you informed on policy issues we are following throughout the Session.  MNA watches bills related to the nonprofit sector generally including Appropriations, Taxation, …

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  • 2023 Montana Legislature: Week One

    This week marked the beginning of the 68th Montana Legislature, and it promises to be a busy session. We are still sorting through the more than 4400 bill draft requests, …

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  • Voter Registration Resources

    Voter Information

    Nonprofits exist in every community across the Montana, ranging in size and covering every mission imaginable – we are trusted messengers, and can help ensure our constituents, clients, volunteers, donors, staff, …

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