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2019 Montana Legislative Session

Montana’s charitable nonprofits generate approximately $8.9B in income each year which is returned to communities through mission-driven work in every corner of the state. Nonprofits contribute, in essential ways, to Montana’s extraordinary quality of life by ensuring Montanans have access to healthcare, after school programs, college scholarships, senior housing, museums, food pantries, homeless shelters, affordable housing, trails, clean streams, and more. Hardworking nonprofits in Montana drive the economy, help keep government small, and are central to the state’s vitality and prosperity. That’s why Montana Nonprofit Association is dedicated to safeguarding and advancing the state’s nonprofit sector within the 2019 Montana State Legislative Session.

Additionally, it is our goal to equip nonprofits with the tools and resources needed to advocate for their missions and their work during the Session. Here you will find helpful means to engage your legislators and be part of the legislative process because you are your own best advocate.