Nonprofits and Reopening

We at MNA believe one of our primary roles is to help nonprofits identify and secure your own directional compass, and that’s how we’ll be spending our time as Montana reopens. The purpose of this site is to help provide you with the best reopening information possible, connect you with logical partners, offer resources for a measured approach, and support healthy, sustainable decision-making processes to best serve you, your organization, and your community.

You may track the spread of novel coronavirus in Montana via the official state website's Montana Response page. Updates are made by 10:00 a.m., daily.

Risk Management

One of the most significant questions leaders are asking is, “What happens if we do our best and yet someone gets sick?” "What then?" Congress is wrestling with these same questions about how to manage the tension between ensuring safety and taking reasonable risks to move forward. MNA will not be able to offer certainty, but we can provide you with information that supports informed, judicious decision-making. To help organizations sort through the issues and concerns they may be facing in re-opening and to ensure they are at least asking the right questions regarding process, policy, and procedure, MNA has developed a Reopening Risk Assessment Navigator.

Eliminating "risk" associated with virus transmission is not possible, but we can take steps to meaningful mitigation regarding employee interactions, interactions with the public, policies and procedures, and public relations. Please consult our navigator, see which questions and categories may apply to you and your organization.

Additional Resources for Pressing Questions