RFP: Design of Conference Branding Materials

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MNA is seeking design of a conference logo, brand/Conference theme development, and production of conference materials. 


Download the RFP here:

About Montana Nonprofit Association 

Montana Nonprofit Association’s mission is to provide leadership for Montana’s nonprofit sector and partner with charitable nonprofits to promote a sustainable, networked, and influential sector. For over twenty years, MNA has been an extraordinary leader in Montana, promoting and strengthening Montana’s charitable nonprofit sector. One of our key mission activities is hosting an annual Conference that brings together executives, board members, nonprofit staff, and volunteers from all corners of the state for nonprofit management and leadership education, giving them the opportunity to learn from state and national leaders as well as from their own peers and colleagues.  

MNA’s 2024 Conference will take place in two parts: virtual sessions October 3-4, and in person in Helena October 9-11. MNA is seeking design of a conference logo, brand/Conference theme development, and production of conference materials. 

2024 Conference Theme  
In a world that divides, nonprofits unite. 

This year’s theme is AND. This is an invitation for participants to fill in the space before and after the word AND – “Dream Big and Deliver”, “Inspire and Include”, “Challenge and Collaborate”. In a year of contentious elections, where citizens are met with an onslaught of divisive messaging and pick-your-side rhetoric, MNA’s conference aims to be a place where participants can explore nuance. AND is about preparing for what will surely be a hard legislative session for many nonprofits while also maintaining hope for a brighter future. It is about striving to make the world a better place, while also giving yourself and your team time to rest. AND is about resisting division and finding ways to come together for the health and well-being of Montana and the world. 

We would like to create a space that feels like a relief from political do-or-die messaging. It is our hope this year’s Conference brings participants a sense of hope and a feeling of strength. We are considering visuals that convey a sense of calm and perhaps minimalism, that are a counterpoint to the in-your-face photos and primary colors of political advertisements. 

The designer we select will assist us in bringing this year’s Conference theme to life, visually, through digital and print materials. 

Past Conference Themes 

  • CULTIVATE: View the 2023 Conference logos and theme HERE.  
  • GATHER: View the 2022 Conference logos and theme HERE.  
  • TRACTION:  View the 2021 Conference logos and theme HERE.  
  • RESOLVE: View the 2020 Conference logos and theme HERE.  
  • BREAKTHROUGH: View the 2019 Conference logos and theme HERE.  

Scope Of Work 

The design scope of the project will extend from concept to completion, February 2024 through production of final materials in October  2024.  

The 2024 MNA Conference scope of work is as follows:    

Logo – high resolution (600 dpi min) EPS file format layered images of the final approved logo as well as flattened JPG and PNG formats to be used in print, web, billboards, banners, and signage – to be created in full color, single-color, and black & white. Sizes include: 

  • 790 x flexible height 
  • 620 x 160 
  • 1665 x 804 
  • Square and rectangular versions of logo 
  • Additional sizes as needed 

Color Palette – supports the brand and theme of the 2024 Conference – HEX Codes 

Print Materials – incorporates logo and theme and includes: 

  • Save-the-Date Postcard, full color, double-sided large postcard, 5.5” x 8.5” 
  • Promotional Mailer, full color, double-sided large postcard, 5.5” x 8.5” 
  • Conference Program, one color, 32 pages, double-sided, 5”x7” (Scout Books custom
  • Three unique stickers, full color, 2” to 3” 
  • Two to three large format stage banners, full color, one-sided, 2’ x 6’ and/or 2’ x 8’ 
  • Two to three print posters, full color, one-sided, 24” x 72”  
  • Flyers and other materials as needed 

Web Images – includes logo and Conference branding and includes: 

  • Facebook banner and ad 
  • Twitter banner 
  • Website banner 
  • Instagram images 
  • Zoom backgrounds 
  • Images for emails in MailChimp 
  • Isolated graphics for use across website as needed. 


  • February 15th – End of Day – Proposal Submissions Due  
    • Feb 22: Contract awarded; submitters notified 
    • No later than Feb 29: Schedule Onboarding Meeting  
  • March 4th – Present logo and color palette options – two to three to choose from 
  • March 14th – Provide approved logo – high resolution (600 dpi min) EPS file format layered images as well as flattened jpeg and pdf formats to be used in print and web – created in full color, single-color, and black & white. Sizes include: 
    • 790 x flexible height 
    • 620 x 160 
    • 1665 x 804 
    • Square and rectangular versions of logo 
  • March 28thComplete Web Images 
  • April 4th – Complete Save-the-Date Postcard 
  • June 5th – Complete Promotional Mailer 
  • June 18th – Complete Stickers 
  • August 8th – Complete Conference Program and Inserts  
  • August 30th – Complete Banners and Posters 
  • September 24th– Complete all other requests as needed 
  • October 3-4, 9-11 – Conference 


  • Design process that allows for revisions from MNA 
  • Logo provided in multiple formats for MNA website, event registration site, and print 
  • MNA will produce and provide all copy 
  • All final production files should be delivered in print-ready format 


MNA has allocated a budget of $5,000 – $7,000 to proceed with elements as described in the Scope of Work above. All work performed under this contract will be subject to approval of defined task orders not to exceed the approved budget. Additional design work/production beyond those items outlined above is subject to additional negotiation/compensation. Proposals may include discount/donation in exchange for conference sponsorship.     


This is an open and competitive process for all qualified freelance graphic designers and reputable design firms. Proposals will be evaluated, and an award made to the most responsible, responsive proposer. MNA reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or any portion thereof. All proposals must be received by MNA no later than February 15th by 5:00 p.m.     

The proposal shall include the following information:    

  • Resume of your experience 
  • Up to four examples of your style sheet design work and/or logo design work 
  • One initial concept, image, or thought about AND  


Proposals will be reviewed by MNA based on the following review criteria:  

  1. Skills/Creativity:  
    Please demonstrate through the submission of logo samples your creative execution for similar projects.  
  2. Resources/Capability:  
    Please provide a brief resume of your experience. 
  3. Pricing Structure/Rates: 
    Please provide a comprehensive pricing and/or rate sheet for all potential services you might provide under this RFP agreement.              


MNA will negotiate contract terms upon selection. The terms of selection/award are to be subjected to the following terms. All contracts are subject to review by MNA’s legal counsel, and a project will be awarded upon signing of an agreement or contract, which outlines terms, scope, budget, and other necessary items.  


For questions about this proposal, please contact Kate Arpin, Communications and Platforms Manager, at [email protected] or (406) 449-3717