Schedule a 2020 Unemployment Insurance Evaluation

October 10, 2019 / Comments Off on Schedule a 2020 Unemployment Insurance Evaluation

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Why request a 2020 unemployment insurance evaluation?

Over the past few years, 501c3 and governmental entities have enjoyed the benefit of rapidly declining unemployment insurance costs as a result of the record setting labor market. Is your organization prepared when that trend changes direction?

Montana Nonprofit Association established a partnership with First Nonprofit (FNP) to provide members with alternatives to paying unemployment insurance taxes. FNP programs provide reduced unemployment expenses, risk management, improved cash flow and expert claim and HR advice to more than 2,100 organizations across the country. As a member of Montana Nonprofit Association you can request a free, no-obligation savings evaluation from FNP and receive a 50% discount on their one-time enrollment fee. The evaluation will provide:

  1. An estimate of your 2020 SUI tax rate.
  2. A comparison of what you would pay in unemployment insurance taxes versus FNP programs.
  3. FNP program enrollment paperwork – FNP will handle all paperwork with the state unemployment agency when you enroll in their unemployment programs.

If FNP is unable to save your organization money, they will let you know that as well. Have peace of mind knowing that your organization is efficiently financing unemployment insurance in 2020 by requesting an evaluation from FNP by October 21st. Click here to submit your request.

Questions? Contact Cecilia Piazza at 312-728-9962 or [email protected].