Time to Repeal the Tax on Nonprofit Transportation Benefits

December 16, 2019 / Comments Off on Time to Repeal the Tax on Nonprofit Transportation Benefits

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The burdensome tax on nonprofit transportation benefits will stay on the books into the New Year unless Congress takes action this week to repeal it. Even if the tax is eliminated retroactively sometime in the future, refunds to nonprofits could take months or years. No payment later will replace the food, health care, or other services for the children, seniors, and veterans whom nonprofits are unable to serve because they had to divert limited resources to pay taxes.

The National Council of Nonprofits is urging 501c3 organizations across the country to contact their Representatives and Senators to let them know their failure to repeal the tax is harmful. Nonprofits can call (202-225-3121), email Representatives and Senators , and/or tweet this message: “Your community nonprofits and your constituents we serve are counting on you; repeal the #nonprofit #transportationtax immediately.”

All such efforts will back up the nonprofit community letter sent to congressional leaders last month urging Congress to include repeal of the transportation tax in any and all bills.