What if your organization has a fiscal sponsor?

May 15, 2020 / Comments Off on What if your organization has a fiscal sponsor?

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If a fiscally sponsored organization would like to apply for the nonprofit grant, the state will ask for the following information in order to process the grant applications:

  1. If the umbrella organization is applying on behalf of their sponsored organizations, clearly state that in the title of their application and in the narrative. This will assist the state in their our review to ensure that they are in fact associated and help with compliance checks.
  2. It would be helpful for the state if the umbrella organizations could provide them (via the [email protected] email) the list of organizations that will use their EIN – this will assist during the review process to quickly identify who is officially associated with that EIN number.
  3. The state will also plan to reach out to parent organizations to make an effort to understand which organizations are officially connected to EINs as they fact check, but having that information from the umbrella organizations will help speed up the process.