Montana Nonprofit Association centers belonging and equity, guided by the following values:


We engage in diverse experiences, expertise, and wisdom. We practice honest reflection.


We use our learning to inform observable changes in our own behaviors, systems, and policies. We practice humility, offer amends, and adapt when we cause harm.


We prioritize authentic relationship-building as a way of doing our work.


We trust the experience of others and work with those most impacted.


We are accountable to our members and communities of color, rural communities, tribal communities, and others who are historically underrepresented.

Data and Privacy

In order to measure and evaluate our work to center belonging and equity, we periodically collect demographic data about our members, program users, and the nonprofit sector. You can read more about the types of data we gather and the questions you can expect us to ask here.

Building Belonging at MNA

Follow our progress as we write about our efforts to make MNA a more inclusive association.

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