Training & Education for Nonprofits

MNA’s learning programs are designed to give nonprofit staff and board members the management and leadership tools needed to move the mission forward. We offer MNA Workshops, On-Demand Learning, Webinars, supportive Affinity Groups, Higher and Continuing Education, and resources from past Conferences. Find the right resources for you and/or your organization below by training type or category.

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Upcoming Trainings

Join our Affinity Groups

Designed to facilitate networking and learning across sub-sectors for staff in similar positions, these free monthly calls feature curated topics of interest and lively discussion. Sign up, and join us whenever you can!

Executive Director Group

This call is for CEO’s and Executive Directors in Montana with over two years of experience.

Second Thursday of every month at 9:00 AM

New ED Group

This call is for CEO’s and Executive Directors in Montana with under two years of experience.

Third Thursday of every month at 9:00 AM

All Things Money Group

If it has anything to do with money and management, it’s fair game for this group.

First Thursday of every month at 9:00 AM

Marketing & Comms Group

This is a group specifically for nonprofit professionals working in marketing and communications, whether it’s in your job title or not.

Second Thursday of every month at 10:00 am.

Development Group

This call is for anyone working primarily in development at nonprofits in Montana, or those foraying into fundraising.

Fourth Thursday of every month at 9:00 AM

Accelerator Group

Join this monthly cohort call for nonprofit managers and non-executive directors interested in building community, exploring best practices, and learning together.

First Thursday of every month at 10:00 AM

Board Leadership Group

Built for Board Leadership (Chairs, Presidents, VPs, Treasurers, Secretaries) this monthly call will be time well spent connecting with other leaders across the state, exploring best practices in board leadership, and problem solving common board hurdles.

Second Wednesday of every month at 10:00 am.

MNA Confronting Systems and Culture Book Club (CSC)

The CSC Book Club is a community gathering space to explore the ways in which the nonprofit sector perpetuates harmful practices, inequitable systems, and unjust outcomes. This group invites curiosity, honest reflection, and authenticity, and isn’t seeking to prescribe ways of being. It’s built for the nonprofit enthusiast who is ready and willing to explore personal and organizational assumptions, practices, systems, and cultures.

Each quarter, we will select a book that explores our cultural assumptions and systems, then meet to talk through it with an eye towards how nonprofit organizations uphold or challenge these norms, and what individual’s roles are in reflecting and acting.

Advanced Training for Nonprofit Leaders

Advocacy Cohort

Do you want to sharpen your advocacy plan ahead of the 2023 legislative session? Or are you building your first ever public policy plan from the ground up? Join MNA’s Advocacy Cohort for a deep dive into advocacy best practices, need-to-know policy and lobbying practices and strategies, and how to craft an advocacy plan to meet your mission current public policy needs This intensive cohort will meet six times to introduce, develop, and begin to act on advocacy plans specific to your organizational needs. The course will prioritize state-level advocacy with attention paid to federal level advocacy as needed.


Leadership Development for Nonprofit Professionals

MNA Catalyst paves the way for a robust and resilient nonprofit sector in Montana through leadership development. With a combination of dynamic and skilled content experts, thoughtful curriculum design, and opportunities to connect with peers and facilitators, MNA Catalyst bolsters the skill sets, deepens the confidence, and broadens the perspective of both experienced and emerging leaders in the nonprofit sector.  


Professional Development for Nonprofit Managers

Hone your management skills, build your network, and level up your impact. Whether you are steering direct service programs or overseeing back-office support, your work as a manager shapes how the mission comes to life. MNA’s Accelerator is built with you in mind. From best practices in project and budget planning to exploring performance management strategies, Accelerator provides participants with opportunities to learn, practice, and discuss how to deliver organizational strategy through effective management of programs and people. 

Dig Deeper: Custom Training

One-on-one consultations and trainings

Looking for a custom workshop or consultation? MNA works with nonprofits to create the right experience for your team. Learn more about our topics and rates here.