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Join our weekly Policy Calls

Join MNA for a weekly policy update conversation for the 2023 Legislative session, lead by Liz Moore, MNA’s Executive Director, and past Chair of the National Policy Council Committee.

Thursdays, 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM

Town Hall: What to Expect from the 2023 Session

January 27, 11:30 am

Recording available.

Recent Policy News

  • Legislative Update – March 22

    There’s a lot going on at the session these days, it’s hard not to feel a little dizzy. Even the rotunda ceiling has us spinning! Several bills we’re watching impact …

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  • The Legislature at Halfway

    We’ve passed the halfway mark!  As we jump into the second half of the legislative session we offer this high-level summary of the issues and bills MNA has been working on. Thank …

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  • ACTION ALERT: Oppose SB441

    SB441, which proposes to revise absentee and mail-in ballot laws, radically alters Montana’s ballot collection options. Currently, in addition to family members, ballots can be collected and taken to the election offices …

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  • Legislative Update – February 21

    The next two weeks will be busy as we approach transmittal, which is March 4 to March 8. As you review the bills we’re watching and, perhaps more signifiant, the …

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  • ACTION ALERT: Oppose SB307

    Please join MNA in protecting the integrity, reputation and agenda of Montana’s charitable nonprofits by opposing SB307.  This week we are issuing our second Action Alert of the Legislative Session. …

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  • Oppose HB 391: Fees on Nonprofit Property

    Dark blue background image with text No on HB 391.

    CALL TO ACTION Legislature Heats Up This week we are issuing our first call to action of the session. The hearing on HB391 takes place Wednesday, February 8 at 9:00 a.m. in …

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